Welcome to the USS Minerva

We lost the war.

After six blood-soaked years, the surviving shreds of the United Federation of Planets surrendered to the Dominion. In a show of their "mercy," we were offered one chance to gather whoever we could in whatever ships we had and leave.

Never to return.

Humanity and its allies make a ragged caravan now. The Dominion swarms most of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, with orders to 'let us pass' seemingly a flexible directive.

This is the story of the USS Minerva.

Timeline & Divergence

Latest Mission Posts

» Aftermath

Mission: Den of Thieves
Posted on Tue Apr 26th, 2022 @ 11:42pm by Captain Cecilia Rau

Captain Rau returned to the bridge after their exciting escape from the pirate's den. They hadn't achieved everything they were sent to do, but they had achieved it partially and had gathered some information that could be useful in the long run as the convoy slogged its way forward unto…

» Looking Out The Window

Mission: Den of Thieves
Posted on Sat Mar 26th, 2022 @ 1:23am by Lieutenant Jesse Stone & Ensign Marjo Serka

Jessie woke up. Serka was still asleep in the crock of his arm. They had spent the night together.

Most times they stayed in his quarters, sometimes in his.

He gently untangled himself and managed not to wake her. It was another three-hour sex marathon for them. Serka, in the…

» Escape Time

Mission: Den of Thieves
Posted on Tue Mar 22nd, 2022 @ 7:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Adele Wyndham & Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn & Lieutenant Commander Latts Razzi

Adele didn't need to be told twice, and the trio made their way hastily through the bursting, bustling corridors of the station-turned-hornets-nest. No one tried to stop them, because who would really try to stop a determined Sirran on the move? As such, they got back to the ship in…

» Little Ventured, Little Gained

Mission: Den of Thieves
Posted on Mon Jan 17th, 2022 @ 3:50am by The Narrator & Lieutenant Commander Latts Razzi

Petty Officer (First Class) Rian was a security officer who had served on the USS Minerva since the start of the war. He had seen much, as they all had, and very little fazed him by this point. Really, were there any veterans of that conflict that were fazed by…

» Mission, Interrupted

Mission: Den of Thieves
Posted on Mon Jan 17th, 2022 @ 3:47am by Lieutenant Commander Adele Wyndham & Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn

The Sirran stood out even in the eclectic crowd of the pirate town she found herself in. At least she wasn't difficult to follow - in fact, losing her in the crowd would be a challenge indeed. Her outfit was normal enough, as were her weapons - though the knife…

Latest Personal Logs

» The Past Undying: Gunney's First Week

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 8:28am by Gunnery Sergeant Jasen Calin

One year, 12 days before the exodus ...

Jasen heard a loud thump, swearing and the screech of a console. The gunnery sergeant turned around to see a corporal obviously having problems with a small arms calibration station. The young human corporal was already raising his fist ...

"Corporal!" the…

» Life continues

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 4:39am by Gunnery Sergeant Jasen Calin

Screams flooded his ears as he eyed his target through his rifle scope. A Cardassian trooper soon fell to the earth after a compressed phaser burst pulled into him.

All around him Denobulan civilians were streaming into the starport, making way for shuttles and transports eager to lift off lest…