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Captain Cecilia Rau

Name Cecilia Rau

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Chameloid
Age 767

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 193 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Personality & Traits

Character History

Personal History During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries on Earth, the Germanic lands were in the midst of religious upheaval. Areas were being swept over and swept under by what would later be known as witch hunt hysteria, where many were tried and executed as witches--burned at the stake.

It was during this chaos that two beings that were not native to Earth came to find themselves upon this planet, settling in the countryside of Germany and starting a family. They took the name Rau and would have seven children. The eldest of these was a girl named Anneliese, who grew up with a firm responsibility to her family and her siblings: self-deemed protector and helper to her parents.

The family knew that they were different, and that this had to be hidden. No name was ever given to what they were, and their parents never spoke of the past or how they came to be here. All the children knew was that they could change their shapes, and that they couldn't do that. If they were to be found out, dire consequences would follow.

Anneliese was fourteen when it happened. Despite not being human, she felt all the rebellion of adolescence, though with caution. She would run the woods in the form of a great wild dog and would enjoy the feeling of the woods and the wind, and the wild. She would always be careful, of course, but sometimes it's not enough. A hunter from her village saw her and she was attacked. In her efforts to escape, she briefly reverted to her human form before recapturing the wolf and getting away.

That night, the mob came for them.

Anneliese, her mother, and one sister were in their home when they came. Her father and the others were elsewhere. The mob stole the women from the house and dragged them to the center of the village, where the fires were already climbing into the night sky. "Hexe! Hexe! Laast sie verbrennan!" (Witch! Witch! Let them burn!)

In the last moments, Anneliese's mother sacrificed herself to save what children she could, and Anneliese and her sister were able to escape. Her mother was not, and she never knew about the rest of her family. She was sure, tears falling down her face as she and her sister raced into the forest, that she heard their screams as they were burned.

For two hundred years, Anneliese spent her life like a wild animal, desperate and guilt-ridden. She and her sister survived and kept pushing west, until the nineteenth century when they emerged into the world of humanity in England. They took false names and new faces, trying to find a way to once again acclimate life among humans. They never stayed anywhere for long, afraid of being found out.

By the latter half of the twentieth century, the sisters had made it to the United States and had parted ways. Now going by the name of Dakota, she was on her own for the first time and had grown bitter with the decades that passed her by. If nothing else, she was a survivor, and that was what she continued to do. Nomadic in her lifestyle, she shifted locations and human forms like people changed clothes, working short term and strange jobs to make a living.

The centuries continued to drift by. She still knew so little about her genetic heritage, but it seemed obvious that she was not like the humans. She did not die from the short span of time, and that was--of course--another difficulty. Either she had to age herself to not arouse suspicion, if she stayed anywhere too long, or she had to move on. Relationships of any kind were also out of the question.

It wasn't until Earth became aware of the existence of life beyond their planet and started reaching out into space that Dakota began to believe there might be a place for her, after all. Not that she believed she'd ever be a true part of things, but she could perhaps stop hiding. Eventually, things progressed enough for her to stop 'passing' as a human and exist as herself.

Her unique abilities and skills--strength, speed, and stamina somewhat beyond the average human, as well as her shapeshifting--were enough to give her an edge into certain career lines. One of these that she found and settled into was that of bounty hunting. It started with hunting those on Earth, but it would eventually lead her to space.

Despite vast advances in medicine, it was impossible to tell precisely what she was. (Detesting doctors didn't help.) Her forms were restricted to standard biological organisms, opposed to the natural 'light' form of the allasomorph. Nor did she have the compulsion to revert to a liquid form like a Changeling. It was believed she might have been a Chameloid, but with the reclusive nature of the species, there were no records or live species to compare her to.

Eventually, in 2353, she chose to join Starfleet and see what a life out among the stars on someone else’s dime was like. By this time, she had changed her name to Cecilia Rau—taking the name of her youth back for the first time in centuries. She graduated from the academy with only a handful of demerits and entered the security track.

To the shock of many an instructor (had they been around to know), she did very well in this new career. After several years and a few postings, she ended up on a command track and eventually was given command of the USS Minerva patrolling Starfleet’s border in 2370.

Something Rau certainly had never anticipated happened in 2373, however.

The Dominion War began, with shapeshifters driving the car. Things went from “good” to “everyone look at the shapeshifter captain with suspicion” very quickly. Many terrible moments of her past began to revisit her, and she nearly gave up.

But she persisted.

Months later, as paranoia grew more heated, Starfleet tried to take her ship from her. Her crew stood up for her, as well as a few captains she had worked with. She kept her command, but she’d lost a fair bit of respect for Starfleet Command and those who turned against her. She did not abandon the Federation, however, in its time of need and she continued to serve on the front lines of the war.