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Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn

Name Dina Vossiborn

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Sirran
Age 73

Physical Appearance

Height 258cm / 8'5"
Weight 278kg / 612 lb
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A fairly typical Sirran, Dina stands an enormous 8'5" tall, weighing in excess of 600 pounds. A behemoth of an officer, with strong lupine features.

Soft white fur covers her face, upper chest and hands, as well as the tips of her ears and her tail. The rest of her form is covered with an equally soft light tan colored fur. Finally she has piercing blue eyes, and a luxurious mane of golden locks, usually tied back, braided or kept in check with a non-regulation bandana.

On Sirran biology:

Sirran are bipedal lupinoid humanoids standing considerably taller than most humanoid species. Their dense bones and muscular form makes them significantly heavier, too. Outside of near biblical hardiness and a physical strength roughly three times that of a human they possess superior hearing and smell, at the cost of inferior agility, Their eyesight is also worse than that of a typical human, with a narrower field of vision and less color depth. Finally, they are quite long lived, with an average life span of around 180 standard Federation years, slightly more for female Sirran.


Spouse n/a
Children Geri Dinaborn, deceased
Father Gera Goriborn
Mother Vossi Minaborn
Siblings Monya Vossiborn, deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dina is very aware she can come across as terrifying due to her bulk and her Sirran heritage being very close to archetypical villains and monsters in old Earth stories. Thus she carries herself approachable and presents a ready smile.

Her voice is deep and warm, as expected from a being her size. She's soft spoken, hard working, polite, patient and loyal though it is not recommended to test her patience.

She's always ready to party and always the first to volunteer for jobs, but behind her apparent kindness and soft words hides a deep trauma she keeps mostly to herself.

Like all Sirran she is not easy to anger, but beware those who stand in her way, or threaten her crew or those in her charge.
Hobbies & Interests Any hours not spent working or volunteering to work are spent working out or training. Dina enjoys keeping in shape and training marksmanship and Sirran martial arts. The sword and hand-to-hand mostly.

Her artisanal pursuit is metalworking. Smithing, shaping, as long as it involves heated metal, a forge and a heavy hammer she'll keep herself entertained.

Finally she's an accomplished dancer. Her physical nature and interest in martial arts help her in this aspect.

Character History

Personal History To be added.