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Lieutenant Commander Latts Razzi

Name Latts Razzi

Position Wing Commander

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Betazoid-Human hybrid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Dirty/Strawberry Blond
Eye Color Dull Blue
Physical Description Latts has a smoky, skater-punk look her dirty/strawberry blond hair always in a semi-after-the-shower look. Her eyes were fascinating, as her Betazoid genetics held on strong, at a quick glance they looked pure black, but at closer inspection, you could see streaks of a deep shade of midnight blue running through the black.


Personality & Traits

General Overview A delicate balance was what Latts always strove for, though she never has really achieved it. Outside of the cockpit and the pilot's briefing room, she was shy, soft-spoken, and slightly ashamed of her empathic abilities, and truthfully lacking that ego that pilots need. But, as soon as she stepped behind that podium or into the cockpit a switch flips and she is no longer that shy/soft-spoken woman, but allowing that confident driven ego to take shotgun.

Character History

Medical Evaluations 2373 Beginning of Dominion War
Mid-2373 Graduated academy and headed off to flight school
Late-2373 Graduated from flight school and assigned to a fighter wing

Early-2374 Promoted to flight leader
Mid-2374 Field promotion to Squadron Leader
Late-2374 thru Mid-2378 Jumped around the fleet where ever she was needed
Late-2378 Assigned to the USS Minerva an Akira-class carrier

Late-2374 thru Late-2379 Dominion War