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Lieutenant Lewis Daniels

Name Lewis Jacob Daniels

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Brody Hannigan (MIA)
Children Raphael Daniels aged 4
Father Captain Harold Daniels (KIA at Chintoka)
Mother Councillor Gabriella Daniels (Captured presumed dead)
Siblings Arthur Daniels (school teacher)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lewis is smart, sweet and intelligent. Well that would be how he would describe himself. Its easier than when being asked and how are you today, saying what most people would say currently. Like most people he is coping and functioning to the best of his ability. Throwing himself into his work, throwing himself into being the best person that he can be. Its fair to say that he plays well with others, enjoying the company of others and generally being quite popular and someone who when the mood suits him socialble.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, whacking things with sticks on the holodeck, writing a journal of life as a doctor post war. May someday someone may even read it. 20th century rock music.

Character History

Personal History Lewis was born on Earth to a Starfleet captain who was rarely home and a caring mom who knew how to handle a loud child looking for attention. Lewis was always happy to go looking for trouble or take in some random stray even when it was clear that it was a bad idea to do so. Though well loved he missed a fathers presence in his life through out his childhood. Lewis had no interest in joining Starfleet or for that matter becoming a teacher like his mother had been. He wanted to be something useful and give back to the world and the universe in different ways. Lewis excelled in the class room rather than on the sports field, choosing books over the ladies or the guys as things would work out later. People tried to get him to look outside a book and check the world around him but it was uncomfortable viewing for the teenager.

Rather than take the aptitude tests to enter Starfleet, Lewis chose to go to university and study medicine away from the structure of orders and uniforms that chaffed. He liked looking after things and as it turned out he was pretty good at looking after people. Upon graduation he took up residence in New York city as an intern, learning the ropes of medicine inside an inner city hospital full of all the wonders of Human and alien anatomy alike. After a grace period as an intern and then as a resident, Lewis chose to specialise in trauma.

With the outset of the Dominion war things rapidly changed, their was demand for trained and experienced doctors on the front lines. With growing losses and dwindling numbers of trauma medic's to help repair and heal the damage done to friendly combatants. Pressure grew on people like Lewis to join the fight and do their part. Lewis had never wanted to serve in the fleet but the part of him that objected to the notion of joining the fleet, gave way to the need to help those in need of it most. Whether that be in a uniform or civilians caught in the cross fire. Lewis finally relented and volunteered to join the fleet, a doctor of his experience and of his speciality was off use and his abilities were in high demand. Whether the loss of his father at Chintoka was a deciding factor in this decision, is something that he has never revealed.


Like many people in this new work Lewis is unaware of the status of many of his family. His father was killed during the early days of the war, his mother a councillor of the federation was captured and is presumed to have been killed. His brother Arthur as far as he is aware is alive but he has had no contact with his brother since they fleed. His life partner Brody a science officer is missing presumed lost.

He has one son Raphael who is alive and well thanks in no small part due to happy coincidence. Raphael is Lewis's life line.


Unapologetically gay, engaged to Brody though that is up for debate as Brody's status of life is currently unknown. Lewis finds himself in a romantic limbo, not knowing the fate of Brody is harder than if the man was dead. At least if he knew he would at the very least be able to mourn the loss of his partner.
Medical Evaluations In good physical health for a person of his age, height and weight.

Shows signs of stress, long term space travel has not been particularly easy on him. Grieves for family members he has lost. His son Raphael is the one beacon of light and hope that seems to keep Lewis functioning giving the man a reason to live beyond a sense of duty.