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Ensign La Forge

Name La Forge

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Hugh Borg (Species 5618: Human)
Age 9 (looks 18)

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 2 inches
Weight 300 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description A brown haired, silver eyed girl, who looks to be no more then 18 years of age (she is 9 years old in truth). Due to her various enhancements from the Borg and the Android named Lore, her body is different then those of the standard Borg. Her Exo-plating, even though it looks and feels like Human flesh, is in truth made of a Tripolymer alloy that allows her to take several direct energy blasts, as her Borg Adaptive Shielding adopts. This, also, made it difficult for her to move, but where parts where to move at, the Exo-plating had openings. This gives her an odd look with mostly black lines over her limbs, lower face, and down her spine.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Borg Maturation/Incubation Chamber
Mother Borg Maturation/Incubation Chamber
Siblings Borg Maturation/Incubation Chamber

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests To study new, advanced and wondrous technologies. Also, to further advance her Cyber-technologies.

Recently discovered the joys of Dancing and Singing

Character History

Personal History La Forge was born on the Hugh Borg Homeworld. Her Cyberware was more advanced then even the original's, because her incubation chamber had assimilated a piece of Lore (a Soong-type Android) and, also, from that Androids twisted and sometimes fatal experiments on those within Hugh's Collective. This made her more human-like, but still had the full Borg cyber-enhancements. Hugh the new leader of their band named her after one of his first friends; Geordi La Forge.

It took Huge and his band to build a new ship, as theirs was lost with a battle with the Enterprise D, under the command of Doctor Beverly Crusher. They had a single shuttle and sent it out into the universe to explore. To their surprise they found a galaxy at war. Those on the shuttle found wrecks of starships, they boarded an Akira-class and assimilated it. When they returned to the homeworld and all the data in the computer core was processed.

It was decided that they would help the remains of the Federation, but they couldn't just send all of them at first. So Hugh decided to send the youngest and the first among a new generation of Borgs to the aid of the Federation. They outfitted one of the Danube-class runabouts, with a roll bar, and assimilated it.

Once La Forge had left the Homeworld she went into the former Federation territories. She was surprised when she was attacked by a Cardassian starship. She was able to cripple them, but not with taking heavy damage. She beamed aboard various supplies that she needed for repairs. Then she beamed aboard the Cardassian vessel, in a section of the ship that was open to space. She downloaded the entire computer core. It was here that she discovered what happened to the Federation and the location of a rag-tag fleet of fleeing ships. Using the computer system she set the Warp Core to explode and she fled.

Once she caught up to the rag-tag fleet, she had adjusted her shields to mask her vessel from the Federation sensors. She kept pace with the fleet and listening in to their open communications.
Medical Evaluations Difficulties understanding Humanoid behaviors and emotions

Must use a regeneration chamber or will suffer from neural and cybernetic breakdown

Looks to be no more then 18 years old

she can Hyper-Accelerate her healing process for a short time (1 hour max) (Side Effects of this process: She must enter a state of Regeneration for a period of 3 days and her energy requirements for this period are tripled (Normal Borg Alcove runs on about 30 Megawatts of power (Hyper-Accelerated Regeneration requires 90 Megawatts of power for 3 days), and she is unable to be awoken from this state of Hyper-Accelerated Regeneration. (This period of Regeneration is rebuilding her Nanites within her body and cyber-systems.)

Standard Borg Strengths (Strength, Intelligence, Adaptive Force Field, Nanites, Assimilation Tendrils, Sensor Scattering Field, Sub-Space Transponder and a Tripolymer Alloy Exo-Plating)