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Gunnery Sergeant Jasen Calin

Name Jasen Calin

Position Marine

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 170
Hair Color Sandy brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Jasen Calin has slightly olive skin, descending from Greek colonists who were part of the initial wave to immigrate to Mars. His short, sandy brown hair is peppered with a bit of grey due to his numerous years on the front lines of the Dominion War. His hazel eyes are hardened, his nose apparently have seen at least one break in its time. Square jaw with a faded scar. Sharp, calm demeanor, stubborn nature.


Spouse None (Trill lover, Katalia Lann, presumed dead in Battle of Denobula)
Children Adeline Lann, 2 (presumed killed in Battle of Denobula)
Father Chief Warrant Officer Jesse Calin (KIA) first year of the Dominion War)
Mother Liana Calin (killed during Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard accident)
Siblings Abigail Calin, 15, aboard the fleet

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jasen Calin is a dedicated and ardent Starfleet patriot, albeit a strong believer in the spirit of law and policy rather than the letter. Has a stubborn streak a mile long, doesn't particularly like the concept of retreat but respects the decision if means "Live to fight another day."  Initially optimistic the Federation-Klingon Alliance would prevail in the war against the Dominion but became hardened after the Romulans entered the fray on the Dominion's side and ultimately when the Klingons withdrew from the field in 2379.
Believes in Federation values, albeit from a pragmatic view in that it should have inserted itself more into other affairs if it could further the advance of peace.

Stubborn, near to the point of quietly questioning a superior officer's orders in front of other Marines, especially if it calls for retreat. Openly bitter about the Federation Council's decision to surrender to the Dominion and strongly holding to the belief that Starfleet could have held on long enough to convince the Klingon Empire to re-engage the Dominion.
Hobbies & Interests Boxing, Parrises squares, starship design (lapsed), culinary preparation (Greek specialty. If fresh supplies not on hand, tends to smack/dismantle food replicator console until it can properly prepare meal). Games of chance, and the occasional game of Velocity.

Character History

Personal History Jasen Calin was born on Mars on Oct. 18, 2347 to a career Starfleet Marine father and a civilian starship design engineer mother. He was raised in the colony of Utopia Planitia where his mother worked.

Growing up, his father saw a mixture of serving on his homeworld and aboard various starships. Jasen, and much later, his younger sister, were mostly raised by their mother during their father's starship tours.

Jasen was raised to respect both his Greek ancestry and the principles of the Federation while being taught a more pragmatic role in terms of peacekeeping.

As a child, he participated in La Crosse, dabbled in Parrises squares, but found an ultimate calling for boxing when he was 11, mostly at his mother's urging. Growing up in Utopia Planitia, he showed an affinity for starship design and a desire for piloting.

Jasen had considered applying for entrance to Starfleet Academy on Earth as young as 14, with the dream of becoming an operations officer or pilot or starship design. Those dreams were dashed when his father pushed him into the Starfleet Marine Corps, following a long family tradition dating back to the inception of United Earth's Marine Assault Operations Command in the early to mid-22nd century and continuing through the foundation of the United Federation of Planets.

His father had a distinguished career, including serving in the Tsenkethi War, the Federation-Cardassian border wars in the late 2340s and 2350s, and sought to have the legacy continue instead of "becoming a hotshot, arrogant flyboy with delusions of greatness."

Jasen enlisted as a recruit at 17, relocated to Earth, and went through his years of training as a grunt before being pressed into service in 2366, just after the start of peace talks with the Cardassian Union.

The next several years saw Jasen assigned to several Starfleet ships' security detachment, including Miranda-class starships, Excelsior and Ambassador-class starships and on occasion a Galaxy-class starship. His units saw several light skirmishes along the Federation-Cardassian Demirtialized Zone, was tasked with peacekeeping missions during initial evacuation of planets handed over to the Cardassian Union and occasional sweeps of Maquis rebels in 2370.

Most of Jasen's career was spent aboard starships, with sporadic postings at starbases and colonies. He spoke often with his mother and little sister, and was at odds with his father, who was not as pleased with Jasen's career or his occasional disciplinary record.

Jasen's career began to distinguish itself in the Federation-Klingon War between 2371 and 2372, prior to the Cardassian Union's joining of the Dominion and the Dominion's successful efforts to push the Klingon Empire from Cardie space.

Jasen participated in many skirmishes and battles during that brief conflict, including several incursions in the Archanis sector and on Ajilon Prime. The units he served in or took brief command when the top officers and NCOs were killed stood apart for a sheer stubbornness to defend or retake captured territory, or holding on until civilian assets could be evacuated.

Then the Dominion War came and Jasen Calin's career switched trajectory from marginally acceptable to one noticed by Marine brass. The first few years also saw a bittersweet change in his life. His father, a Chief Warrant Officer by then, perished in the first year of the Dominion War while his unit tried to defend a small colony. His mother died in January 2374 when Federation efforts to rush starships into construction resulted in an industrial accident.

His sister was fostered with family friends due to Jasen's duties and constant battle. Jasen would distinguish himself in the evacuation efforts during the Battle of Betazed following the Dominion's surprise attack in late 2374.  He took command of a small unit while just a sergeant and held off several Cardassian and Jem'Hadar enemy units at a small, remote landing port.

Injured in battle after taking a Cardie phaser blast, he was given a commendation and medal for his actions, despite heavy losses to his unit.  Things took a progressively darker turn in his attitude after the Romulans entered the war on the Dominion's side and the Klingons withdrew from the field of battle.

In 2376, he served aboard the Nebula-class USS Joshua Tree, assigned to the fleet protecting the Coridan sector. It was that year when the Dominion forces invaded Coridan and took the outer colonies and eventually Coridan Prime itself. Despite an entrenched ground campaign to keep a key Federation world, Starfleet officers were ordered to retreat. Jasen's unit was one of the last to be evacuated and he disobeyed several initial orders to board the shuttle in order to provide cover for civilians.

The Joshua Tree was lost at the Battle of Kazar mere weeks later, with 80% of all souls lost.  Jasen was later assigned to the Akira-class USS Forge, assigned to the 10-ship flotilla protecting Denobula and the surrounding systems.

From late 2376 to late 2378, Jasen served both aboard the Forge and on planetside attachments on Denobula, where he met and became involved with a Trill woman Katalia Lann. What rough spots and bitterness evolved in the years of war were smoothened by that relationship. A daughter was born in early 2377, and while the relationship was strained by constant missions against Dominion forces encroaching into Federation territory, it remained intact.

October 2378: the fall of Denobula. Dominion forces invaded in overwhelming numbers, catching the flotilla by surprise while six of its starships were engaged in a battle in a neighboring battle. Denobula's antiquated defense systems were overwhelmed, three of the remaining four starships rapidly crippled or destroyed. The coastal city Jasen's family lived in was among those bombarded and later invaded by Jem'Hadar ground troops.

Jasen's unit was responsible for evacuating a neighboring city and securing the neighborhoods immediately surrounding its starport and would not hear about the chaotic and confused news of evacuations from the coastal city. He refused the order to evacuate with his unit, instead planning to take a hopper, but was subdued, hyposprayed and restrained in the departing shuttle that docked with the USS Forge.

A court-martial hearing cleared him of any wrongdoing but faced several disciplinary notes in his record for failing to obey orders, reckless disregard for himself during battle and misconduct becoming a Starfleet Marine.

Reassigned to the Marine Detachment USS Minvera. While not one to shy away from questioning orders quietly, has not had any serious marks against him.
Medical Evaluations Joined the fleet leaving for the Delta Quadrant because last living family member, his sister, is on one of the civilian ships guarded by the Minerva.

Years of war have taken its toll on him, leading to many restless nights, slightly aggressive attitude when challenged on trivial things. Will follow chain of command without question over major issues. Under pressure or under fire, can hold his own but extremely restless when inactive. As a result, pushes himself too hard.

RECOMMENDATION: Needs counseling session at next posting, at least twice a week. Currently exhibiting growing signs of aggression and hostility. Outlets usually selected by the Marine (boxing sims on holodeck) are currently unavailable, may be unavailable for foreseeable future.

Personel file: Gunnery Sgt. Jasen Calin, UFP Starfleet Marines
Exceptional survivalist skills, adept hand-to-hand (two-time boxing champion during recruit years) and small arms fire, rated to handle most Starfleet hand phasers and phaser rifles and conduct rudimentary field repairs.

Basic field medical training. Zero-gravity combat training during recruit years (adequate marks and two occasions of nausea). Knowledge of field tactics and reconnaissance, basic shuttle piloting skills. Shows raw aptitude for engineering based on improvised practices in the field and "recreational" antics (see personnel file/disciplinary actions.

Culinary skills (complaints of too many spices used).

Numerous decorations and medals, numerous disciplinary actions and infractions.
Notables include:
- Top marks for survival training (Earth: Gobi Desert, Sahara Desert, Death Valley during midsummer). Addendum: Drunken boasts led to additional survival training, Vulcan, the Forge; result: marginal, several superficial clawmarks, recovery party had to drive off pursuing Sehlat cat recruit had stolen dinner from. Additional addendum: Stolen dinner resulted in eight hours of decon.
- Two-time boxing champion during recruit training (23-0 first year, 22-2 second year, losses to a male Klingon and half-Vulcan female).
- Commendation for service in rescue of Nausican raider hostages
- Commendation for service during battle of Archanis, Federation-Klingon War
- Medal of valor for action under fire, Battle of Betazed, Dominion War
- Medal of valor, evacuation of Coridan, Dominion War. Addendum, Purple Heart for injury during combat, promoted to Gunnery Sergeant.
- Commendation for service during liberation of Cardassian PoW camp
- Medal of valor for action under fire, Battle of Risa. Addendum, creative use of improvised explosives to collapse a choke point (old Earth slang calls it a 'pipe bomb')

Disciplinary actions:
- Misconduct as recruit, brawling with Telarite while on leave on Mars. One month confinement during off-duty hours.
- Misconduct, first year private, creative use of old Earth Greek language against superior. Five weeks cleaning and calibrating small arms.
- Behavior unbecoming a Starfleet Marine, punching a Cardassian glinn during sanctioned removal of colonists, one month confinement to starship brig.
- Disobeying direct order, Ajilon Prime, Federation-Klingon War, disobeyed order to retreat with other Marines tasked with evacuating remote site (addendum, creative use of exploding phaser sealed entrance to advancing Klingon forces). Sentenced to five weeks of starship sanitation duty.
- Sabotage/Cultural inappropriateness: Reprogrammed Vulcan superior's holodeck program of Temple of P'Jem to have monks wearing Risan attire and belting Bolian showtunes. Sentenced to one month of study of Vulcan logic/stripped of holodeck and replicator privileges.
- Sabotage/Cultural inappropriateness: Reprogrammed Vulcan superior's holodeck P'Jem program to show monks 'Sumu wrestling' with Bolians. Sentenced to one month of study of Vulcan logic/stripped of holodeck and replicator privileges.
- Insubordination, Coridan Prime: First day of battle against Dominion troops, failure to heed initial order to retreat at by commanding officer, stayed with CO to cover retreat. Wounded in battle. Stayed sentence of three days in brig, one month suspension of replicator privileges (enacted following the evacuation of Coridan Prime).
- Insubordination, striking superior officer, USS Joshua Tree: Punched ranking NCO/highest-ranking Marine during scuttling of the ship after refusing to leave while trying to access destroyed bridge. NCO pulled to escape pod. Sentenced to two weeks confinement.
- Misconduct, Denobula: Brawl with three Denobulans during shore leave. Result, two broken ribs, bruised kidney, dislocated shoulder, three very knocked-out Denobulans. Sentenced to six-day confinement, two weeks of plasma conduit scrubbing aboard USS Forge and notes in official record by ship commanding officer and Marine detachment CO.
Two-year gap in serious offenses while stationed aboard USS Forge/Denobula.
- Insubordination: Failure to follow orders to retreat during Dominion invasion of Denobula. Addendum: Striking superior officer, attempted theft of Starfleet jumper, placing fellow Marines in jeopardy.
- Court-martial: Cleared of charges by sector Starfleet Judge Advocate General's office, note placed in official record recommending against command positions due to past record and actions during Battle of Denobula.

Several notes regarding attitude after assignment to Marine Detachment, USS Minerva, no major or formal complaints or disciplinary actions. Voiced objections to superior officers during first months of tour regarding away missions, always obeyed orders when engaged in mission.

Final note from USS Forge Marine Detachment CO prior to dismissal from ship/reassignment to USS Minveva: Gunnery Sergeant Calin shows an exceptional raw talent for command -- one day and only if his attitude changes. Past experience has shown him fully capable of taking command of a unit devoid of officers or NCOs, as seen at the Battle of Archanis and the Battle of Betazed. He is a talented Marine with a history of improvisation on the battlefield and shows a devotion to saving as many civilian lives as possible. Like so many of our veterans, the war has taken its toll on him, but with the right counseling or hard shove, he can overcome those hard obstacles.

Addendum 1: Do not let him near any holo program unless you want your boxing program reconfigured to have an opponent appear as a large, humanoid turtle that shouts 'Cowabunga' and proposes scarfing down a whole pizza instead of boxing.

Addendum 2: Do not let him near a replicator system, or you will find your entire menu reconfigured to serve nothing but questionable Old Earth Nordish delicacies and very bland Vulcan dishes.

Addendum 3: If he is assigned to escape pod maintenance, consider hitting the eject command protocols. It took three hours to restore gravity plating in my quarters and another two hours to have the blasted replicator stop saying "We are the Borg. We are here to get funky. Resistance is futile."