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Mission, Interrupted

Posted on Mon Jan 17th, 2022 @ 3:47am by Lieutenant Commander Adele Wyndham & Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn

Mission: Den of Thieves

The Sirran stood out even in the eclectic crowd of the pirate town she found herself in. At least she wasn't difficult to follow - in fact, losing her in the crowd would be a challenge indeed. Her outfit was normal enough, as were her weapons - though the knife was perhaps a bit oversized and some might call it a short sword instead. But she was the only lupine creature standing head and shoulders - literally - taller than everyone else. At least this gave her an easy overview of the area.

"Right, supplies first," 'Tallulah Bailey' spoke, adopting a drawl to her thick, warm voice. "That-a-way," she motioned after a moment glancing around, orienting herself.

"On your six," Adele 'Sharon' responded in a light tone, choosing a phrase she'd heard from enough pilots to understand and it was enough of a turn of phrase to continue removing her from, well, herself. They had only been walking for a few moments, working with the crowd and the flow of traffic, when something caught her attention. "Heading toward some sort of eatery, I'd venture." She'd always had a good sense of smell, for an average human.

"Well, I'm hungry," Dina flicked an ear, then quirked a grin. "This way smells nicest. Roast meat, yum."

Adele smiled a little, certainly not surprised that the smell of roasting meat was the lure. She kept her eyes moving around a little, looking about without looking like she was looking about. "I imagine there'll be something useful to be found there," she stated. "And food." She played it cagey, just in case there were any ears perked up nearby that she couldn't see.

Dina sniffed the air as they walked, her ears swiveling left and right to catch the noises, the hubbub of the pirate hub. At first she hadn't been quite sure what to expect of this place, but first impressions were just people. Anarchic people, without guiding government or principles, other than the need to survive, at the fringes of society. Many races gathered here. Klingons she saw, humans - a lot of those. Some bajorans. A vulcan or two. Even a ferengi - though him she smelled rather than saw, seeing as they were so short. "You got your list with supplies we need?" she casually asked 'Sharon'.

"Of course," the counselor-turned-temporary-pirate replied easily. "Always gotta be ready for anything and everything, eh?"

"Quite so," Tallulah answered.

It didn't take long for the two of them to find a nice eatery that served fresh, roast meat. In large portions. Wasn't cheap, but then, good things never are. A nice table to sit at, a nice drink, a nice piece of meat, the Sirran could get used to this kind of life. Nice and simple. Uncomplicated. Until she remembered why she was here, and just sat and ate. Ears perked, swiveling left and right, listening in on conversations. A considerable portion of which were hushed discussions about the extraordinary, large, lupine that had walked in and ordered something to eat like she belonged here, instead of being the anomaly she was.

Adele took it all in as well, although her hearing was naturally not as clear as Dina's. "Predictably unfriendly bunch, eh?" the counselor asked, voice casual and seemingly offhand with the comment.

"Nothing I haven't dealt with before. I find they can be very cooperative and easy going. All you have to do is ask nicely. And smile." Dina spoke casually, offering a smile to emphasize, baring rows of razorsharp teeth flanked by dagger like fangs.

Before Adele could reply, the station shook. The comms opened up. "Enemy raiders have located the station. Shit's about the hit the fan, people."

The counselor's brows rose as everyone around them suddenly lunged, either to their feet or in a particular direction. Repelling invaders? Getting to their ships? There was only chaos, and Adele was knocked into the large body of her fellow officer-turned-pirate. "Well, this is a problem," she said, eyes darting around to take in the melee.

Tallulah handily steadied Sharon to keep her from toppling over, glancing around, ears laid flat. "We should probably get to the ship," she muttered. "Take it from there. Though the ship isn't really built for fighting."

Before the pair had a chance to do so, Petty Officer Rian was hurrying up to them. His rush really didn't stand out in this crowd. "The ship is getting ready to go," he reported quickly, although still careful to omit anything to give them away. "Shit's getting bad fast, looks like."

"... Ship. Now," 'Tallulah' looked at Sharon sternly, ears perked, swiveling to catch all the details. Without waiting for a reply she turned and started jogging back to the ship, muscling people out of the way with her enormous frame.


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