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Little Ventured, Little Gained

Posted on Mon Jan 17th, 2022 @ 3:50am by The Narrator & Lieutenant Commander Latts Razzi

Mission: Den of Thieves

Petty Officer (First Class) Rian was a security officer who had served on the USS Minerva since the start of the war. He had seen much, as they all had, and very little fazed him by this point. Really, were there any veterans of that conflict that were fazed by the present?

"Commander," he greeted the pilot with a nod, coming to stand next to her and let her know--in an understated way--that he'd be there to assist her and keep an eye on things.

Latts growled at the petty officer, "did you listen to anything our muscle said?" Latts asked referring to Dina, "...I am Remedy Slim," she quickly added keeping an eye out making sure that no one overheard them. If they did that would be it for the mission.

Rian nodded once, leaning against the craft. "Still the one flying the bird," he said. Inwardly, he waffled between chastisement and the other that even pirates could have ranks. He hasn't used her real name, at least. He did his best to affect looking bored like they were waiting--which they were--but also like this place didn't unnerve them--which it did. "Place seems pretty quiet at the moment," he added, affecting what casual small-talk he could.

"Yes, there must be a hunt going on," Latts said with a slight growl wanting to be out there, joining the hunt, "...alright go ahead and head off stay on the dock, but start chatting people up, hopefully, someone will slip up and let out some information they shouldn't," Latts said.

"You got it," Rian said with a nod before he stuffed his hands into his pockets and sauntered off, looking around but looking casual as he did so.

A burly-looking Bolian, well burly was being generous, more like overweight was better. But, the odd thing was he somehow commanded respect, but again pirate life was just that somehow finding that thing to get you that respect. The Bolian, whether overweight, or burly which again was an eye of the beholder, and looked at the interesting, or was it just a piece of shit ship.

"You're new here," the big-burly-bulky Bolian stated. There was an impression of a question from what was otherwise a statement, perhaps with an edge of distaste or maybe just suspicion. He eyed the woman beside the ship, looking like he expected an answer to what hadn't precisely been a question.

"Yea, and what of it?" She asked never releasing her eye contact with the man, knowing that in this setting backing down was not an option.

He grunted, eyeing her up and down again as if taking a measure of her. "We don't like new people here much. What's your business?"

Latts just laughed, looking at the burly/fat Bolian, "this is a pirate base, yes?"

The response was another vaguely affirmative grunt.

"Okay, good, do you think we would've made it this far if the powers to be believed we weren't pirates?" Latts asked knowing that she was pushing her luck, but hell isn't that what pirates do?

"Not everyone likes that word here, little girl," the Bolian growled. "It's a...human word. We ain't all human." Of course, that didn't really respond to what she said but it responded to what he understood.

Latts took a minute watching the Bolian, she needed to say the right thing in the right way, "okay, frankly to me it doesn't matter if they thought we were a threat do you think they would have let us land, either way, all I am here for is supplies and repair," she said keeping it simple.

He grunted again. "Then what are you doing just standing here and not...supplying or repairing?"

"I am the pilot and decided to remain behind to keep an eye on my ship, while the others get what is needed, and then I'll get started on my repairs," she said staying defiant, but not aggressive.

Now the Bolian eyed the ship behind Latts instead of just at the pilot herself. "Bucket of bolts looks like it needs more repairs than it could possibly be worth." He sneered. "How'd you even fly this thing in here?"

"Skill, and talent," Latts said looking at the Bolian, "....and as for this bucket of bolts, it gets the job done, and you should know the shittier the ship looks the more you can lull your vicitms into a false sense of security," she added.

Before the Bolian could reply, the station shook. The comms opened up. "Enemy raiders have located the station. Shit's about the hit the fan, people."

The man now scoffed. "Hope your ship can fight, girly," he sneered. "Looks like we're about to have a ton of trouble."

Latts scoffed, as she rushed back to her ship, yes her ship, "...we need to get the rest of crew back here now, the damn place is being attacked," Latts said looking at the petty officer, "you fget them back, and I'll get us ready to get off of this rock," she added as she ran up the ramp,

"You got it," he said with a quick nod. "They said they were following the smell of food, right?" It wasn't that he was forgetful but he wanted to confirm that he'd heard and recalled accurately before he ran off into that mess.

"Yes," Latts growled working on getting the engines going, and also figuring out who and/or what was attacking them, "....find them quickly, we do not want to stick around," Latts said even though she felt the pull for the hunt, growling slightly as she felt that taste in her mouth.

"On it!" he said, rushing off.


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