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Code Blue: Escape

Posted on Tue May 17th, 2022 @ 8:47pm by Captain Cecilia Rau & Lieutenant Thex sh'Zoarhi

Mission: Den of Thieves
Timeline: Shortly prior to "Return to Safety"

A grin was on Thex face as the party sprinted out of the quickly falling apart pirate station. Despite the danger, the adrenaline coursing through her veins was giving her a buzz she really needed. Her blue eyes darted as a mob of armed pirates turned a corner and opened fire. " Down." She yelled to the team as she dived for cover dragging the captain with her as the two of them fell behind an overturned table of an eaterie.

"Fuck," the captain said as they sunk behind the table, though she was laughing. She pulled her phaser pistol, which had been modified to look not-Starfleet and peeked over the edge of the table to get a line on their attackers. "Think they know or are just shooting everyone?" She remarked, darkly amused.

" The latter I think." Thex said as she slid around the side of the table fired a phaser shot and slid back into cover. Her aim was true as it smacked into one of the pirate's legs sending them crashing to the floor.

"Probably," Rau agreed, sneaking another glance around the edge of the table and taking a shot of her own. It was a glancing blow but hit a shoulder and spun them half-back for a moment. She was gonna shoot again, but then another one returned fire. "I'm almost a little offended. I'd rather it be personal." She paused, checking her memory. "I saw four. You?"

" Five, but it should be four now." Thex replied as she fired a blind shot over the table.

Rau growled, the sound coming from her more like an animal than the human she looked like. "Alright, that's one or two more than I can definitely take in a different form, so we need surprise instead." Her dark eyes flickered over the table they were behind. "If I lift this, think you can get some shots out from under it? They'll be expecting us over the top. If you can at least debilitate a couple, I think we can finish off the rest pretty easily."

Thex nodded as set altred her phaser beam. " Ready to go." she said calmly with a reassuring smile.

The captain nodded and holstered her gun, adjusting her body to slip her fingers under the very slight ledge that was the edge of the table where it pressed to the ground. She was able to shift the size of her hand slightly, but partial shapeshifting was not her specialty. As she described it, "I don't half-ass anything. It's whole-ass or bust." She managed enough here, though, to get her fingers under the heavy tabletop. "" she counted off, nodded at the CEO before she gritted her teeth and hoisted the table up. It wasn't a huge gap, since she didn't want to give the enemy too clear a shot back at them, but it was big enough for Thex to fire under.

Thex didn't wait and fired as soon as she could hitting one of the pirates in the leg sending him crashing to the floor. The man's hand was still on his disrupter which kept firing sending his companion flying across the room from a powerful disrupter blast." One left." She said with a grin on her blue face.

Rau dropped the table with a wolfish smile. "Good job," she said with a nod. "I got this one."

Reaching up, she now gripped the top of the table, leaning back and then catapulting herself over the top. Before she had even fully crested the top, she was abruptly a bat with an erratic-ass flight pattern. The erratic part was only partly because of the form but also in part because she almost never took this form, but she knew this would all work in her favor. Blasts went to either side of her, but only one came close before she landed on the final pirate's head. This one was a woman with long hair that tiny bat feet made a mess of before a six-foot-tall, near-two-hundred-pound woman was on top of her. One strong punch to the face put her to the ground. "Let's go!" Rau called back to her CEO.

Thex was on her feet and caching after her shapeshifting captain. " I would love to be able to do that." she laughed as she ran

Rau laughed as well. "It has its benefits," she said as they sprinted down on corridor. She shoulder-checked one unsuspecting pirate into a wall, who spun away in a daze without ever knowing what hit him. "Although it has its flaws as well." It was exactly the time for in-depth conversation, of course, but she got her words out in between maneuvers. After a moment, the whole station rocked and Rau had to catch herself on the wall. "Damn, someone is trying to take this place down."

" Someone must be trying to settle a score. " The yelled as she fired her phaser at another pirate as the sight of the landing pad appeared before them.

It was a straight shot from here to there, except for the encroaching pirates. "Get behind me!" Rau shouted. Her upper half was already leaning forward, body contorting and seeming to shimmer. By the time her hands would have touched down, they were claws and a big-ass bear was barreling ahead. Without corners to worry about or tight fights, she tore loose. One screamed, one fled, one got smacked across the pad as they made their way to the ship where the rest of their team was already waiting, shooting phasers to cover their entry.

Thex ran as fast as he legs could carry her as she fired over her shoulder. Jumping into the makeshift passenger area she wheeled around to cover her captain. " Move your ass ma'am" she yelled over the roar of the engines and phaser fire.

The answer was a loud, resounding roar before the small ship shook as a large ursine form crashed inside. The rest of the team was aboard, Rau having come on last, and she shifted while still crashed in the corner of the small bay. "Let's move!" The pilot was already at the controls and they were taking off...

Thex braced herself as the makeshift transport picked up speed and roared away from the station. Looking over to the captain she let out a grin as she panted hard to catch her breath. " We made it."

"Looks like," Rau agreed with a panting half-smile. She moved up behind the pilot and leaned over her seat. "Can we talk to the other ships yet?"

"Not yet, sir," the pilot replied. "There's a lot of interference from the battle taking place on the other side of the station."

"Keep trying," the captain said with a nod, then she turned back to Thex. "Good work on the station." This was said with the rare smile of approval.

" You as well boss. I'd love to have the shape shifting abilities " Thex said as she leaned back against the hull,

Rau chuckled and shrugged. "It has its benefits," she said. "But it also has its detriments. Sometimes one wonders if it's more trouble than its worth." She hadn't reached that determination in her life yet, but she'd been close many times. The adrenaline high was making her a bit chattier than usual.

" I'm sure it is worth the trouble." Thex said as she fished around in her bag before she produced a bottle of rum. " Drink?" she asked her captain.

"Absolutely," Rau agreed easily. She rarely turned one down. "I'm impressed it's still intact after all that." She took the bottle and took a swig before handing it back. No glasses, after all, so there wasn't much ceremony to stand on.

" Hey, i make sure my alcohol is well padded." Thexgrinned as she took it back and took a swig.

Rau chuckled a little. "I like the way you think."


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