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Escape Time

Posted on Tue Mar 22nd, 2022 @ 7:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Adele Wyndham & Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn & Lieutenant Commander Latts Razzi

Mission: Den of Thieves

Adele didn't need to be told twice, and the trio made their way hastily through the bursting, bustling corridors of the station-turned-hornets-nest. No one tried to stop them, because who would really try to stop a determined Sirran on the move? As such, they got back to the ship in short order. Rian hurried inside to make sure everything was secure while Adele stopped briefly outside where their pilot was waiting.

"Looks like it's time to get outta Dodge?"

"Yes, yes we should," Latts called from the back of the group as she made her way to the cockpit, getting the engines started. Which was a little tricky, as some of the modifications started to fail slightly, "come, come on," she growled.

Rian heard the growling and hurried to the cockpit. "What's wrong?" he asked the pilot, his voice controlled but tight with the urgency of the situation.

"Ugh, looks like an external stabilizer, give me a second, and I am going bypass it," she said tapping several buttons, "it is going to be a bumpy bumpy ride home," she added with a crazed look in her eyes as she loved a challenge, "let's just hope we don't get in a dogfight," she added with a chuckle.

"Just get us out of here, as safe as possible. They said the base is under attack, try to find where the attack is concentrated, and stay as far away from it as possible," Dina - no sense keeping the Tallulah moniker - spoke, her thick, warm voice surprisingly calm. "If we can figure out who's attacking, the better. Might be something we can make use of."

"Everyone buckle up," Latts finally said as she started the engines which coughed and sputtered, "I'll do the best I can, the sensors aren't what they were, had to remove most of them to make room for you guys," she added.

"Not my fault I'm a big girl," Dina mock pouted. "You just make your ships too small, is all."

The fighter, er the Frankenstein-fighter slowly lifted shaking as Latts worked on getting her under control, "alright we have life-off," she called back as she directed the fighter out of the pirate base. Her fingers danced all over the controls as she monitored several sensors.

Rian had the copilot chair, although his training in flight operations was comparatively limited. Still, he could be back up if all the shit hit every fan...

Meanwhile, Adele was seated in the back with the chief of security. This was already a far more exciting exit than she'd have preferred, but it certainly wasn't worse than any number of scenarios she had considered likely. "How're we looking, Commander?" she asked as her ship shook, but she could at least feel the fact that they were lifted and moving.

The Frankenstein-fighter shook as several disruptor blasts connected, "shit," Latts muttered, "I need some data, we have some weapons on here, but they are mostly for defense, and I don't have the maneuverability I would in my fighter," Latts said looking over to Dina.

"No, they're the last resort thing. The best form of self-defense is not being where the violence is, just get us out of here," Dina said. Truth be told she was a little afraid. She knew how badly prepared this modified civilian ship was, and anything actually made for combat would outgun and outmaneuver it. Plus, she just hated the idea of not being in control, of being just a passenger, in combat. And getting out alive was the most important thing.

The Betazoid hybrid just nodded, her fingers running over the HUD as her eyes scanned the multiple escape vectors, none looking good, "shit shit shit!" She cursed, realizing no matter what, they were passing by enemies, "alright, it is going to be bumpy, and we are gonna have to fight no matter what," she finally said, "...but I did install something that might help us but it is a one time use," she said simply tapping a few buttons getting it ready.

Adele's brows rose as she gripped her seat. "And that would be?"

"We have two micro-torpedoes, that are set to essentially blind all sensors in the explosive radius, which does include us, but it'll give us a fighting chance," the hybrid said, "...and we'll plot a course, chances of a fighter being in our way is slim to none, and even if there is we should get enough warning that I can dodge it," she continued,

"Yeah, do it, just get us out of here," Dina growled, hanging on tight to the console, ears laid back. Then she noticed something on the tactical readout of the attackers, an ear flicked as she dialed in on the readings.

Latts was busy plotting a course, a course that they could follow with relative ease as they'll be blind once they launch the flash bang, "....okay I am gonna drop one of these micro-torpedoes, and we'll move forward blind for about 90 seconds, and luckily the course I have laid in will get us out of the hornet's nest. If not, we have one more to do the same thing," she said as she finished plotting the course.

Timing was everything. Between the launch of the torpedo, its explosion, and finally the actual escape. The Frankenstein ship lurched forward taking a couple of disruptor hits which Latts was expecting but with a tap of a button the micro-torpedo launched from underneath the ship. After reaching its target it stopped, as it charged up to release its magnetic blast, {alright 15 seconds,} Latts thought.

Eternity. That was what these 15 seconds felt like, honestly, the torpedo had a slim chance of not working. “13, 14, and 15,” she muttered underneath her breath, just as an invisible blast ripped through space sending a shockwave, a shockwave that instantly blinded any ship within the blast radius. “Alright we are blind,” Latts said activating impulse, as they moved on a preset course.

“90 seconds of blindness starts now,” Latts said outlaid setting the timer, just hoping against all hope, she doesn’t fly them into something.

Adele could only compress her lips together to keep from making any sounds while she gripped her seat and hoped for the best. She only had the most rudimentary of training on any of these systems and knew she was basically a last resort for anything relating to using the craft. She wasn't religious in any area but was second-guessing that at the moment because she had no god to pray to. Instead, she just counted internally, waiting for that ninety seconds to run out and hoping they did not, in fact, hit anything.

"That's - those are - " Dina exclaimed, right as the flash happened and everything went dark - outside of the systems on board the modified ship, that was. One hand gripping her console for support, the other typed in a few quick commands, assigning a memory bank slot for the readings they'd taken right before the improvised weapon of mass distraction had gone off.

The eternity was over, but that then just brought in the chaos of pings, dings, and klaxons as they were alerted to everything that was happening during that 90-second portion all at once. Latts just took in on a deep breath and let it out slowly, before making her first move, spotting several holes within the pirate fleet they could escape, but before doing that she started recording as much as possible for future dissection of who they might have to deal with in the future.

"Alright, everyone hold on," Latts said as she powered up the impulse to full to make the final blast out of the hornets nest, and back into warp.


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