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Return to Safety

Posted on Tue May 17th, 2022 @ 8:46pm by Captain Cecilia Rau & Lieutenant Commander Adele Wyndham & Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn & Lieutenant Commander Latts Razzi

Mission: Den of Thieves
Location: Flight Deck
Timeline: Just prior to "Aftermath"

The Frankenstein-ship finally landed on the flight decks of the Minerva, the ship had some disruptor and phaser scars on it but luckily outside of that there was no other visible damage. The sound of metal on metal was soothing, knowing that they were finally safe, well safe from any immediate danger.

Tapping a couple of buttons Latts powered down the beast, and opened the rear hatch where they were greeted by flight technicians rushing around the ship. Knowing that the ship was going to need to be deconstructed, and reconstructed to the fighters they were before the mission.

Dina lumbered her way out of the small, scarred ship, happy to finally be able to streeEEeetch, straining against her outfit. Speaking of, that pirate outfit had to go, too - back into the comfort of a Starfleet uniform. After that, writing her report. She wasn't looking forward to that. "Hey, Latts? Nice flying," she offered.

Adele was perfectly happy to get off this entertainment park ride. She waited her turn, setting foot on the deckplates of Minerva's flight deck but pausing and waiting for Latts.

Latts was the last one to step off of the fighter, and as she did she gave her a gentle pat, "I want a full diagnostic before anything gets taken apart, I also want all sensor data downloaded we have a lot to study," she said to the fighter techs that were still rushing about.

When she turned away from the techs, Adele was there. She caught the pilot's attention for a moment. "Good flying out there," she said with a smile, "and quick thinking."

After this exchange was concluded by a moment or two, one of the other Frankenstein ships landed in the bay. Several crewmembers were spat out on deck before the captain followed suit. She looked around and saw the other shuttle, with its own group standing just outside the hatch. Making her way over, she looked between the different officers. "Report."

"Cap'n," Dina snapped to attention. "In short, we landed on the station, and started to infiltrate when the station came under attack, whereupon we decided to run to safety. Just before making it to safety though, I recognized some of the markings on the attacking ships. I believe they are the ones we're looking for."

{It was a total cluster-....,} Latts thought, but kept that to herself, "I was getting intel, and as the commander said the station came under attack, and after looking at the data, I can say it was Ferengi's or at least pirates using Ferengi weapon tech," Latts added.

Rau arched a brow. "So, it looks like the station wasn't the ones we were looking for but the attackers are?" she asked, just wanting to be sure she understood what was being said before she went off and tore some ears off Ferengi heads.

"I believe so, yes," Dina agreed. "As for them being Ferengi, I'm not entirely sure. They were using Ferengi technology for sure, but that could've been stolen or bought on the black market," she added in her thick, warm voice

Latts listened, "we'll also know more once we download all sensor data, and get a better idea of their fighting style," she added looking around the flight deck, "and hopefully the fighting style matches something we have seen before, and I also don't think they were looking for us seeing that the probability of someone on that base recognizing one of us is pretty slim," she added before allowing the captain to ponder that.

The captain nodded. "I think it very improbable that any of it had to do with us," she said. "I am getting more of a sense that we have marauders at war, and we just got caught in the middle." She looked between the other officers. "I look forward to the sensor data. Any other insights you might have been able to gain before our adventure was cut short?"

"Well, this whole thing might suggest that we were either a target of opportunity or they just wanted us out of the area," Dina mused. "Seems that their operations extend way beyond attacking wayward Federation starships. Them attacking an established freebooter outpost at least shines some light on their motivations."

"Isn't their motivation like all pirate's motivations? Violence and profit?" Latts asked simply.

"That's making things a bit oversimplified," Dina flicked an ear. "Some might be looking for the ultimate freedom from rules and rule, some as an outlet for deep-seated frustrations, anger at the established order, sticking it at 'the man'," she did air quotes. "Some others might just be looking for power, dominion over other people. Some, yes, profit. Most probably a combination of these factors."

Latts just nodded for her understanding one motive didn't change what her job was, which was to protect the fleet, and especially the Minvera, "either way they are getting brasher, and apparently going after each other, isn't a good sign either," Latts said.

"I'm wondering how much we should get involved," Dina mused, scratching the underside of her chin in thought, ears laying back. "If they attack Federation ships or holdings - as far as we still have any - then, yes, it's our responsibility to stop them. But if they're going after other, less-than-regulatory, establishments like that base we were on? Do we have the time, man- and firepower to interfere? Our first priority is the civilian fleet. Our second priority is our military fleet. Seems to me that anything other than those two is the third priority at most."

Latts looked to the captain as it was her call for something like this, "I agree with the commander, this little intel-gathering information did not help with keeping one of our primary defense forces strong, my flight crews have a lot of work ahead of them to get the fighters back up to fighting shape," Latts said.

Rau stood and listened, arms folded across her chest and her facial expression a stoic one. "Recall it wasn't just intel-gathering but we were supposed to disrupt their systems in any way we could to stop them from going after us or anyone else again," she pointed out. "We managed that to a degree, but it wasn't as much as intended since the party was cut short. But the intel we gathered may help us along the way." She hoped, at least. "You're both right and I've not thought otherwise, and that's that I don't give a damn if they rip each other to shreds. They stay away from this convoy. That's our mission. So, let's get things fixed up and get back to the main group. Questions?"

"A thought I had, captain," Dina began. "In case you did want to act upon the threat, the fact that this group attacked that independent station might work to our advantage. It opens up a possible avenue for cooperation and supplies if the fleet needs some. We have firepower the station lacks, they have a lot of supplies and some maintenance facilities. There might be a possibility of diplomacy there. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, as they say."

Latts listened to the commander and she was right, they were going to need places like these independent depots. Sooner or later this was gonna come up, as good as the Dresden was, it was still only one support ship and they needed more support than just that one ship.

Rau wasn't so convinced that the enemy-of-my-enemy always applied in reality, but she kept that to herself. "I'll include that in my report to command and we'll see what they think about it," she said. "You may be right."

"Will that be all, Captain? I need a change. And a shower," Dina mused, rolling her shoulder a bit with a slight wince.

"I also would like to draw up some training scenarios, so we are prepared for a potential pirate attack," Latts stated watching the captain.

"Do so," Rau agreed with a nod. She turned to the security chief. "For internal security as well. After your shower."

Latts just nodded, she wasn't heading for the showers, she was heading for the briefing room, to study the recordings and everything else they got from their sensors.


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