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Looking Out The Window

Posted on Sat Mar 26th, 2022 @ 1:23am by Lieutenant Jesse Stone & Ensign Marjo Serka

Mission: Den of Thieves
Location: Stone's Quarters
Timeline: March 25, 2022

Jessie woke up. Serka was still asleep in the crock of his arm. They had spent the night together.

Most times they stayed in his quarters, sometimes in his.

He gently untangled himself and managed not to wake her. It was another three-hour sex marathon for them. Serka, in the beginning, was on the shy side, now....she wasn't.

Jessie walked to the main view port of his room and looked out. He could make out most of the fleet, floating out in space.

Everyone worked 12 hour days. Sometimes, they worked 18 hours.....or a straight 24 when needed.

Serka worked the helm like she was born to it. Tactical was Jessie's domain. He had developed programs that would scan the area they were in every 30 seconds.

He was proud of what he did.

Sometimes he would still make the supply runs to the other sips, as well as the hospital ships. It was the highlight of his week when he got time to spend with the little kids, brightening their days. Sometimes Serka went with him....she's gotten rather attached to some of the children. She likes to read them stories or play games with them.

While he's happy with his duties, he just wishes that he could do more, if only the captain would let him.

He walked to his desk, and checked the next day's duty roster for him and Serka.

He saw that there were special operations planned.....but his name wasn't assigned to any of them.

Serka sat up in bed. "What are you doing up? I figured you'd be sound asleep still."

Jessie smiled at her and walked back to bed. "Just checking the duty roster." He slipped back into bed and pulled her nearer.

"Forget about that," she replied. "I have other things in mind for you." She started kissing him.


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