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After-Action Reports

Posted on Fri May 27th, 2022 @ 12:03am by Captain Cecilia Rau & Ensign La Forge

Mission: Den of Thieves

Rau had a headache.

She was now back in her ready room, sitting behind her desk and rubbing her temples as she read the various reports from the away teams but also what had happened on the ship while she was gone. What the fuck went on with this ship while I was gone?! She read the words and understood them, but she didn't like them. Nor did she like what she'd read about the third team's shuttle, but that was a separate matter.

With the ship in a holding pattern a safe distance from the pirate city, for the moment, she decided to focus on the other issue. "Rau to La Forge. Meet me in my ready room as soon as you're able."

La Forge was waiting for the Captain's request to see her. She was a bit curious on why she wasn't there with a squad of heavily armored Marines. She took leave of her Runabout and head for the bridge.

It took her shortly to get there and she went to the Ready room. She hit the buzzer and heard nothing. She hit it again, and nothing. Then she knocked upon the door as she figured the buzzer had shorted out.

"Enter," Rau shouted from the other side. She was still rubbing her temples when La Forge came in. "Thank you for coming so promptly," the captain said, although she didn't sound jovial. "Let's cut to the chase. You know why I called you and I know you know, so, we'll skip over that. My two-ex-oh gave you clearance so I'm not gonna ride your ass about it, but I want to know if this is permanent on my ship now."

"I did limit what was assimilated." La Forge said. "Key EPS conduits had to be assimilated, but energy transfer has been improved by 83%." She stated.

The captain arched a brow and inhaled slowly through her nose, counting to three before replying. "Lovely, but I don't believe that's an answer to what I asked."

La Forge pondered the question again. She then turned to access the room holo-projectors. An image of the Minerva appeared. Then a few red dots appeared. "These Key EPS conduits can not be unassimilated." She stated. "The system specs are now within the computer system. So it can be share with the fleet."

Rau ground her back teeth together. "And to what end share with the fleet, Ensign?" she drawled, hoping it wasn't the answer she was pretty sure it was.

La Forge stood there in confusion. "Then Rau, Captain Cecilia, I have no understanding of the meaning of your question."

"Never mind," Rau said wearily, waving a hand. The changes would be reported up the chain so that those in command were aware of the alterations, but she had no immediate need or desire to share it with the entire fleet. "I appreciate your stabilizing the ship. Will there anything be special we need to do in relation to the maintenance of these alterations? I assume you've communicated this to the chief engineer already?"

"All relative information has been sent to the Chief Engineer." La Forge said. Not realizing that the Chief is going to hate reading her report as it is a terabyte in size. "No, most Borg technology is self repairing." She stated.

Rau nodded slowly. "Alright, then," she said. "None of the self-repairs will expand on their own, I trust?" Borg technology naturally did not have a good reputation for keeping itself to itself. She knew, intellectually, that this was a non-Collective Borg but...concerns still ran deep. Rau trusted, well, very little in the galaxy at face value.

"They will not assimilate any other systems." La Forge said. "The nanites where give very specific programming."

Thank God for small favors, Rau thought sardonically. She had a headache and pressed her fingers against her temple for a moment. "Alright, well, thank you for your assistance. Is there anything I should know about these modifications that I haven't asked about yet? If not, I'll let you be back about your business."

La Forge pondered the Captain's question. She knew that Starfleet knew a lot about Borg technology. "All the available data is in the database upon the Minerva." She stated before she turned and headed for the door.

Rau just watched her walk right on out. She could've hollered, demanded the ensign wait to be dismissed officially first. She supposed that had been implied, though she was used to there being a little more first, but this crew was really, on the whole, proving to be something else all together.

As the doors shut, she leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. "Dismissed, Ensign," she mumbled to the empty room.


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