Posted on Tue Apr 26th, 2022 @ 11:42pm by Captain Cecilia Rau

Mission: Den of Thieves

Captain Rau returned to the bridge after their exciting escape from the pirate's den. They hadn't achieved everything they were sent to do, but they had achieved it partially and had gathered some information that could be useful in the long run as the convoy slogged its way forward unto a new home. She wasn't feeling very upbeat, however, because... Well, she wasn't really ever "upbeat" about anything, but the premature ending of the mission was frustrating. What's worse was that one of their away teams were lost in the mayhem.

She hated to leave, but now sitting in the ready room after speaking with what remained of Starfleet Command, she'd been ordered to vacate the area before the entire ship was taken out when the battle at the den spread. According to their sensors, it was already doing just that. It didn't look like they'd have much time to get away before they did

"For the greater good," she reminded herself, but she made a promise to herself to return and try to find them. She wasn't optimistic about finding them alive, however. The scant evidence she had found from them was not promising as to that fact. It wasn't the first crew she'd lost, and she knew they wouldn't be the last, but everyone was a tragedy. Rau did not handle losing people very well, although no one outside of her own mind would ever know the depths of the struggles she had with it.


The convoy had of course continued moving while the crew of the Minerva attempted the take out the pirate's base. This put them ahead of their last position and it took almost five hours for the damaged craft to make its way back to them. Until repairs were complete, they shifted to an inner circle position to get themselves fit for vanguard duty again. Meetings had been held and after-action reports filed during this time, and now it was just a matter of focusing on getting their ship back together.

Rau sent messages she hated to send, and filed reports she hated to file. After that, she pulled out the bottle from under her desk and had a long drink of the burning, legit liquor.