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When a Counselor Comes A-Knockin'

Posted on Sun Oct 4th, 2020 @ 8:17pm by Ensign La Forge & Lieutenant Commander Adele Wyndham

Mission: Gods of War
Location: Borgified Runabout

La Forge had returned to her Runabout, after speaking with the ship's Quartermaster. She made note of the extra Security personal and the fact that her Runabout was moved out of the way of any other landing shuttles and that it was near to the hatch. That was most likely set so they can vent the whole bay into space. She just walked past the group of people and onto her craft. She walked over to the flight control panel and double checked to make sure that it was still in lockdown. She turned and walked into the Cargo section and saw that it was now empty of all supplies. She closed the aft doors, which the ship sensor picked up the tension suddenly rise in the shuttle bay.

She returned to the area that she had already set up to be a living type area for her. Right now she was only waiting to be given an assignment. La Forge figured that it was in her best interest that she remain isolated and easily dumped if needed. Then she looked down at her right hand as her optics was stated to notice the misalignment in her shoulder joint was starting to affect her grasping of anything. Sitting down at the desk, she pulled out her set of external tools, things she had found on the Runabout. Without thinking she reacted up and gave her arm a quick twist and a pull. It pulled free from the shoulder assemble and she set it down on the table.

Information spread quickly on a ship like this, both by way of rumor and by way of official notice, so the individual Borg with the modified Starfleet runabout sitting in the Minerva's shuttlebay... Well. It reached Adele's ears quickly, and both because the captain made a "suggestion" and because she was inclined to anyway, Lieutenant Commander Wyndham arrived at said shuttle.

As she approached the runabout, one of the security persons held up a hand. "Careful, ma'am," he said, sounding more like a Marine. "This is where that Borg is."

"I am aware, Petty Officer," Adele said with a small smile. "That's why I'm here. I'm sure you'll be here to protect me if need be, and the captain has already cleared this woman to be here."

He looked uncomfortable but didn't argue.

Adele walked up to the hatch to the runabout and considered her options. She doubted their "guest" had been given a comm badge that she could contact, so she decided to be old-fashioned about it.

She knocked.

La Forge was working on her shoulder assemble at her shoulder when she hear rhythmic thudding on the hull. She was a bit puzzled at this as the hatch was open. Accessing her various databanks on how Species 5618: Human handles this form of request for entrance. "Enter?" She called out as she continued working on the shoulder assemble. "I'm near my regeneration alcove." She added. The interior of the Runabout was still the eerie Borg green lightning and a light mist hung in the air.

Well, that's disconcerting, Adele couldn't help but think. Even so, she managed a polite smile as she made her way to where there was a single occupant of the shuttle. "Ms. La Forge? I'm Counselor Wyndham. I was wondering if you'd have a moment to chat." If she was totally freaked out by the separated arm, she didn't let it show.

La Forge looked up at the woman with her silver eyes. She tilted her head slightly, which caused her brown hair to cascade over her shoulder joint. "Ms. La Forge?" She said in a questioning manor. "My designation is La Forge." Then she moved her head which flipped her hair away from the junction. Then she returned to making the manual readjustments. "At this time I haven't been assign any duties aboard the USS Minerva." She stated.

Adele considered whether to explain the use of "ms." or not, but she decided not to. "Did you expect that you would have been already?" the counselor asked. There was no inflection in her tone beyond basic curiosity.

"I don't know." La Forge stated. "I'm getting what I had expected when I arrived on the USS Minerva." She said as she twisted the screwdriver and the disconnected hand closed into a fist. "I'm wondering when the ship is going to be visited by the other Starfleet Captain's wanting to take possession of me."

"I don't know," Adele echoed the young Borg's words. "However, I have served with Captain Rau for a while now and I know that she is not one to give things up easily." That is a hell of an understatement. She stifled a wry smile, since she didn't know how it would be interpreted. "You are here, and I'd lay my bet on the captain keeping it that way."

"I am Borg." La Forge said looking up again. "The Federation is afraid of the Borg. The Captain question me heavily about how I have an assimilated runabout. Also, about why I'm here to assist the remaining Federation forces. I don't think the Captain or the Chief of Security likes my presence on the USS Minerva." She stated putting down the screwdriver. "I thought that the Federation was in need of any and all help in these times." She picked up her arm, inspected it the shoulder connection. She then connected the arm to her shoulder joint with an loud click. Flexing her hand a few times before turning her attention towards the woman. "You have questions?"

Adele smiled slightly. "This is not an interrogation," she said. "I am simply curious. I have not met any Borg that were individuals. I was hoping we could just talk and get to know one another."

La Forge ran another search there is onboard database. She remain quiet as she went over everything about Species 5618: Human social interactions. This information confused her, as their was hundreds of different types of interactions, from pleasant, to angry, to sexual. Then she shook her head slowly. "I don't understand what form of social interaction you are seeking." She said looking at the woman. "Is it to be pleasant, angry, sexual, or one of the hundreds of other social interactions that Species 5618: Human practice?"

That brought the counselor up short a bit. She would have imagined someone sent as the solo envoy to a UFP group would have been a little better versed in these things. "Pleasant would suit the question, I think," she said after a moment. "Friendly. Companionable. Curious." She tilted her head slightly. "Does that help at all?"

"Now I understand the context that you wish to have social interaction with me." La Forge said. "What is it you wish to know?" She stated getting a very curious look on her face.

"Well," Adele began thoughtfully, choosing her words. "I have heard that you are not what we know as the liberated Borg, but were born free. Is that correct? Can you tell me more about what that means?"

She pondered what the woman was asking. "Born free?" She asked out loud. "I'm still connected to those of Hugh's Borg through subspace channels." She stated. "Was I assimilated from a member of Species 5618: Human, no. My genetic structure was used from an other Borg that was destroyed by Lore in his experiments. The Borg Maturation/Incubation Chamber was a vat of nanites that he was working on. He was attempting to incorporate Borg technology into his own systems." She said staring at the wall. "The chamber contained many of his components. When the vat spontaneously activated, I was created." She tilted her head which caused her hair to cascade over her shoulder. "That was 8 years, 11 months, 27 days, 20 minutes, and 15 seconds ago." She said.

Adele listened, processing it all and nodding thoughtfully. "So by that count, you're only nine years old," she said. "Yet physically and mentally, you are obviously older than that."

She turned her silver cybernetic eyes upon the woman. "Yes, but I still don't understand how Species 5618: Human interact with each other." She stated. "My on board databanks contain the whole of the Borg information as of 2369, learned by Hugh, and everything that was contain within the computer systems of the USS Nez Perce NCC-62891, Akira-class starship." She looked back to the wall as she pondering something.

"As a counselor, I tend to understand a little about interpersonal interactions," Adele said wryly. "Is there something specific that you are having trouble understanding?"

La Forge's various processors where clocking over the question voiced by the Counselor. Then she shook her head. "I don't understand any of the interactions. Interaction with you is pleasant, friendly, understanding, but with the Captain it was.... Hmmmm." She continued to ponder the words. "Dismissive, harsh, unbelieving."

That was something Adele could understand. She'd met the captain. "When it comes to yourself and the other Borg of the colony where you're from," she began, "how much variance is there on...individual personalities between you all?"

"Among the other Borg, not much." La Forge said. "We are all still interconnected with each other." She pondered a little bit. "My personality matrix is different then the others. As I have no memories of life before being a Borg. I am Borg, or created as such."

"That is very different than how it is for humans," Adele said with a nod. "Our personalities vary greatly between each of us and that can make our interactions...complex and confusing. Even for us."

"Then why doesn't the Federation form an uniformed thought matrix, like the Borg?" La Forge asked. "It would be easier to understand the interactions of Species 5618: Human."

The counselor tilted her head slightly. "I'm sure one thing that can be understood about...species 5618 by your group is that we are a species that highly value our individuality."

"Yes, that is what confuses the Borg in general." La Forge stated. "So many different individual voices, and no overriding unity, and yet, you work so well together. Species 5618 values differences, but when someone is truly different..." She stopped speaking, and started to look at her hand that she was just working on, flexing it into and out of a fist. "I will never be Human..." She stated lowly to herself. "But I want to understand this individuality and interactions with others. I wish to assimilate into the crew of the USS Minerva, but I don't know how."

"These things take time," Adele pointed out gently. "Many humans can, by nature, take time to trust other people, but we--humans and others in the Federation--just spent over six years fighting a war, when some of those enemies had the ability to look like our friends. Trust can be a short commodity now. It takes time and effort to show that you can be trusted. It's just not given because you say you're trustworthy."

La Forge tilts her head again as she pondered her response. "I believe I can understand that." She finally said. "The only question is, how come I'm not getting the chance to do so. I would like the chance to earn the trust. Besides my optics can scan other lifeforms and can tell the difference in genetic structure." Then she tilted her head the other way.

Adele considered this. "I'm not sure what your optics have to do with it, you may need to explain that to me."

La Forge blinked a few times. "Many humans can, by nature, take time to trust other people, but we--humans and others in the Federation--just spent over six years fighting a war, when some of those enemies had the ability to look like our friends." She repeated sounding just like Adele. "I believe that you are referring to the Changlings, the Founders, The Gods of the Dominion Jem'Hadar?" She stated. "My optics are advanced scanners. I can scan across many spectrums, and this includes any form of passive and invasive medical scans. My optics are a more miniaturized version of the ones found on the Borg Implant Drones. So I am able to scan and analyze any Deoxyribonucleic acid strands from any creature."

"And, thus, what...recognize a Changeling for what they are?" Adele asked, wanting to be sure she was clear on what was being said here and its relevance to the conversation.

"Borg medical technology is more advanced then the Federation's." La Forge said looking at Adele. "The Changlings can shift what they look like and may mask their genetic structure from less advanced medical technology. Borg technology can adopt to the environmental situations and our scans are more invasive. Also, every Borg carries a complete log for everything they do and scan."

Adele nodded with understanding. "Have you told anyone else about this? Or have you just assumed people would figure it out?"

"Many Borg drones have been dissected by the Federation in the two attempts that was made by the Collective." La Forge said. "So it is a given, that this is common knowledge of the Borg. I used my optical scanner when the Chief Security Officer claimed she was a marshmallow, to myself and to Doc Daniels."

"They will consider that as part of the whole then," Adele said, even as her brows were still slightly lifted over the marshmallow comment. "That does sound like a useful ability in this day and age, but I also know that the captain takes the safety of her ship and crew very seriously. She doesn't want to make snap judgements that might risk them."

"I understand the Captain's desire to keep her Collective safe." La Forge said. "This is why she wanted me checked out in Medical and Engineering, which I'm still waiting on the Chief Engineer to call upon me." She said reaching up to her hair line and scratched.

Adele nodded. "I'm sure you'll hear from him soon," she said, "In the meantime, I think I've disturbed you long enough. I'll let you get back to it." She waved at the workstation. "Thank you for speaking with me."

"It is alright. I was only doing some basic maintenance and waiting." La Forge. "So you know where I'm going to be, if you wish to learn more about the Borg."


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