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Cows & Cowboys [Plot Start]

Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 1:09am by Captain Cecilia Rau

Mission: Gods of War
Timeline: MD 01 ~ 1300 hours

Long, long ago, Captain Cecilia Rau had been living on Earth and passing as a human.

During the late 1800s, after she had returned to the world of people, she worked for a time as a to speak. She had a form similar to the one she wore now and even thought she kept the figure of a female, men tended to treat her like a man. She dressed like one and acted like one. During this time, she joined crews who moved cattle across the range. Sometimes moving them from Texas to Colorado.

She had enjoyed those times. It was open out there, back then, and not overpopulated and overdeveloped like it had eventually become. The cowboys were rough, but she liked that too. She'd spent two centuries living as a wolf, so getting back into a human mindset took time. There was camraderie, but also a spoken "leave well enough alone" code that gave her space.

At night, when most slept and when she wasn't on watch, she would patrol and prowl around the herd. She'd taken out a fair few threats before they ever became an issue that way--be it rustlers or animals. She was quick, smart, and strong. When the trail bosses put a group together, they knew her and always hired her first off. She liked feeling in charge of her own destiny and like her abilities served a purpose.

It was slow work, however. Hundreds of heads of cattle only moved fast when they stampeded, which was something to avoid. It was a big group that just plodded along.

As she sat in the captain's seat of the USS Minerva, now some six hundred years beyond the herding days, she was reminded of that time. It probably had something to do with the long, plodding group of ships she was not a part of. They reminded her a lot of the cattle.

The caravan of humanity had been on the move for about a week and a half now. It was compromised of so many different ships and types of ships and types of crews that it couldn't manage a high rate of speed and be consistent over them all. Their fastest pace was the fastest pace of the slowest ship, because they all needed to remain together. Just like the cattle. The sounds of those animals from long ago actually started echoing in her skull, as if on time to her boredom.

Around 1300 hours on day number...who was keeping track anyways, a message came from the lead ship of this little parade of refugees.

"Admiral T'valn to Captain Rau," the call came. After it was acknowledged, the Vulcan--who was a portrait of her race with the permanent stick up her ass--continued. "We have received a distress call from a civilian vessel en route to meet the convoy. The Minerva is ordered to planet Golyat to investigate. Be aware that the planet itself is a pre-warp civilization and has, at least report, not been contacted by the Dominion. Proceed with caution but investigate the call."

"Yes, Admiral. Minerva out."

For a few moments, she contemplated if this was some sort of trick to get her killed. After all, Starfleet Command still wasn't her biggest fan. Deciding that she wouldn't risk it, she sighed and called to the helm officer, "All departments, prepare for possible rescue operations. Be on alert. Set a course for Golyat at best speed and engage."

=/\= End Log =/\=

OOC: Alright, folks, this is starting the plot! All departments prepare for possible rescue operations. If you aren't sure what to log, just sent me a PM and I'll help brainstorm! All current joint logs in process are set before this or before we reach the planet, which will be my next log.


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