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Checking In On Sickbay

Posted on Wed Sep 2nd, 2020 @ 5:01pm by Captain Cecilia Rau & Lieutenant Lewis Daniels

Mission: Gods of War

There were several new people on her ship.

Cecilia knew that it would happen, given that many ships were being scrapped and determined "not worth hauling along with us to the Delta Quadrant." The fucking Delta Quadrant... Why the hell were they going there? Oh. Right. No one else wanted them. That thing.


The ship's last doctor was gone now but already there was a new one, and she'd heard he was checking out sickbay now so she decided she wanted some walking time and went there to meet him rather than wait for him to report in.

His latest assignment meant that he had to get used to a new crew. And as was usually the way these days, the pleasantries of getting to know people slowly went out the window. So upon arriving aboard ship instead as was customary of introducing himself to his new commanding officer. He had headed for the sickbay that would be his domain for the foreseeable future.

The staff were about as happy to see him, as he had expected. Though not openly hostile towards him, they were not exactly what he would call friendly either. He'd have time to work on the crew in the coming days. For now he just needed to go over what he had and didn't have.

Walking into sickbay, the captain waved at people who might get weird about the captain being there. She had read the personnel file so she knew the face she was looking for, and she found him. The tall woman strode over, roughly the same height as the man she approached. "Doctor Daniels?"

"Captain, I had planned to check in with you when I had made sure everything was nominal down here." Lewis said smiling at the woman in question. Not being the most military minded, he had put his other duties ahead of meeting the Captain of the ship. He had wanted to make sure he had everything and every one he needed in place. Peace of mind he thought. "Was there something you needed?" He asked.

"Not specifically," Rau replied, looking around the current state of sickbay. "I simply needed an excuse to get off the bridge and meeting you seemed like a good one." There was a tiny ghost of a smile at one side of her mouth. "How are you finding things here?" She gestured around them. "I know things are in a bit of array following our last battle."

"Your last cmo seems to have run a tight ship down here, so I am as yet not having issues finding anything that I might need." Lewis said confidantly. "The nurses and other doctor's seem open to changes I'd like to employ." Lewis admitted. he was an emergency doctor by trade, he'd seen more of the horrors people could do to each other than he'd known what to do with over his years since graduation. Even more so since he had joined what was the fleet. "I have some power issues that I'll address with the chief engineer, something we'll want sorted before we enter another skirmish." He added.

She snorted something that was kind of a laugh. "In theory, we won't be in any more skirmishes," she commented, but her tone was obviously cynical. "I don't believe that theory more than I can throw it, though, and since you can't throw the intangible..." She let that trail off, then tilted her head. She looked like a curious bird. "What sort of changes?"

"I'll rotate the staff, shorter shift patterns so in the event we have a critical situation we have a rested team ready to step into assist. My assistant department head will not be on the same shift pattern as myself to insure that one of us is either on or on call 24 hours a day." Lewis said to her. "If that isn't already the case it soon will be." He added.

"Sounds reasonable," she agreed. "We don't have much left to lose, so I want to be as prepared as possible to not lose anything more. Especially lives."

"No argument from me on that front." Lewis said to her honestly. It was well known that most of his family was missing presumed dead, his son was the one thing he had and he had no intention of letting go of that any time soon. "I still don't know the status of several members of my family." He added with an air of frustration.

Cecilia knew a little of what that was like, although her wounds were far, far older and scarred over by now. "I'm sorry to hear that," she said. Her words always had a blunt edge, but they sounded (and were) sincere. "If any relevant reports or names cross my desk, I'll be sure to let you know. There's still a lot we're trying to sort out and figure out about where people are and what's happened to them."

"I would appreciate that Captain." He said with a smile. It had been a long war and even with it technically being over he he didn't fell particularly safe.

Rau nodded once. "Well, I should let you get back to it. Is there anything else you need or any questions before I go?" She might not have been the friendliest person in the galaxy, but she was a good captain, after all, and wanted to make sure her people were taken care of.

"Not that comes to mind right now, I've only skimmed the surface of what is in this sick bay. I'll let you know if anything comes up that needs immediate attention." He said looking around the space that was his domain.

=/\= End Log =/\=


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