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PLOT LOG: "Shotgun Diplomacy"

Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2020 @ 6:21pm by Captain Cecilia Rau

Mission: Gods of War
Location: On Approach to Planet Golyat
Timeline: MD 01, 1430 hours

It had taken approximately seventy-five minutes to approach the planet of Golyat. The USS Minerva dropped out of warp at nearly 1430 hours to find a planet that looked kind of like Earth but with more brown visible from the sky.

“Tell me what we see out there,” Rau ordered as she walked from her ready room and folded her long frame into the captain’s chair.

“I’m picking up a single Dominion vessel,” Lieutenant Kramer reported from the ops console. “They do not appear to have noticed us yet. There is wreckage on the planet matching Starfleet signatures.” There was a long pause. “And human and non-native life signs.” He hesitated before looking back at the captain. “Not as many of them as we expected.”

Cecilia took a deep breath. “How many?”

“A couple dozen, approximately.”

Only twenty-four? Hadn’t they already lost enough? “The Starfleet ship had over a hundred people on it, and what about the civilian craft?” she asked, her throat tight.

A few moments passed. “No sign of it, sir.”

The captain pressed the fingers of one hand to her temple. “Are the survivors centralized or scattered over the planet?”

“I see two groups, Captain, roughly six kilometers apart.” After a moment, he continued, “I’m also picking up many Jem’hadar life signs in very close proximity to one of the groups!”

“Rau to Commander Vossiborn and—” Rau paused to quickly check the ship’s roster, having forgotten for a moment that Starfleet Command hadn’t actually sent her a new MCO nor orders clearing her to promote one from within. “—Gunnery Sergeant Calin, I want two teams prepped and ready to beam down to the planet.

“We have two groups of Starfleet officers in need of extraction. Calin, prepare your Marines for encountering the enemy. Both teams be ready five minutes ago. Rau out.”

* * *

The captain herself--her ship lacking a first officer and a marine commander and apparently a platoon commander--showed up in the transporter room where the two teams were gathering. She gave them a 'briefing' while they finished kitting themselves out.

"The security team will be beaming down to site A to extract one group of approximately ten individuals of non-native races. As far as we can tell, there are no Dominion forces near them but there is a village of planet natives. Try to avoid them."

Cecilia knew that this was a pre-warp civilization somehow left previously unmolested by the Dominion, and thus should be left alone under the view of the Prime Directive…

…but Rau said, fuck the prime directive. If their people were there, she was getting them back.

"The Marines will be beaming down to site B. This one is surrounded by a large group of the enemy. Get our people. Don't kill the natives. Shoot the Dominion as needed. Calin, your team beams down first."

Shimmering lights, a chorus of OORAH, and faint whining sounds later, and the Marines were beamed down. Security was next.

No sooner than those lights had faded than the ship rocked.

"Captain," the word came over her comm badge. "The Dominion ship has seen us."

"Red alert," Cecilia replied. "I'm on my way." She turned toward the door and as it swished open, she shifted to a bird and flew fast through the hallways. The flashing red lights reflected off her shiny black feathers as she soared along corridors, having to slow to beat her wings at turbolift doors so the sensors opened them before flying in and waiting.

Within a few moments, she was exiting onto the bridge. No one batted an eye at her feathered form.

She swooped over to the command chair and shifted to human, dropping into place with her Resting Bitch Face in its usual position. The ship shook again and she glared at the viewscreen. "Jackasses," she muttered, following up with, "Scramble the fighters. Return fire, and someone start drafting a stern letter about their breaking our safe passage agreement."


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