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Lending a Hand, Body & Brain Included

Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 10:22pm by Lieutenant Rory Winters & Ensign La Forge

Mission: Gods of War

La Forge was sitting on her Runabout reviewing Federation Regulations and Operation Protocols when the klaxon started to scream in the ship. She also felt the ship shutter when weapons fire was traded. She went to the communications section of the forward compartment. She took great care not to force her way into the Minerva's communications system. She felt the second shutter as she opened the channel to engineer. "Chief Engineer of the USS Minerva, I am La Forge an engineer. Do you require assistance?"

Main Engineering was the usual cluster of organized chaos that happened when the ship was under attack. The ship's department--like all the others--was understaffed, but they were all veterans of the war so they knew what it was like to work with next to nothing in a desperate attempt to stay alive and keep the ship whole. Lieutenant Rory Winters was no different, running from person to person and console to console.

The call, however, surprised him. "La Forge? Who the hell are you? We don't have a La Forge on board," the chief said, not usually this snappish but he was a little stressed.

"I am onboard. I'm on my runabout in the shuttle bay." La Forge said. "I'm an engineer and I'm offering you help with the Minerva while under attack." She said. "If you don't wish to use my abilities in this time of emergency...." She left it there.

"Uh..." Rory began, sounding oh-so-intelligent, as he looked around at the others. Those who looked up to look back at him seemed just as puzzled as he was. "Sure? Come down to engineering."

"Understood, I will be there shortly." La Forge stated as she closed the channel. Then she stepped off her Runabout and looked at the Security Guards that stood on either side of the entrance to the little ship. "I'm going to main engineering and I'm beaming there. As your orders are to make sure I don't do anything stupid, you are coming too." She stated as the Borg transporter caught the three of them and they reappeared in Engineering near the Chief Engineer. "I am La Forge." She said to Winters.

"WHAT THE--?!" Rory shouted the minute his eyes fell on the Borg standing before him. He jumped back against the bulkhead and stared at her, but to his credit, he noticed the security officers standing there--looking rather perturbed but not shooting at the woman--before he called security. "Y-you...are...La Forge?"

"Yes I am La Forge. I have already be clear fit but the Chief Medical Officer." She said looking around the room as the deck rolled again from the battle outside the ship. "Where do you wish me stationed?"

Winters looked at the security officers with raised brows and an obvious--if silent--question. They looked annoyed but nodded once to assure him that this was okay. Rory cleared his throat and tried to get himself back together, which happened quickly when the ship shook again. "Awesome. Fine. Whatever. What's your specialty?"

"I am Borg." La Forge said. "I contain the complete Borg engineering database, as of 2369." She stated. "So I'm more the proficient in any field that you need me to man."

"Uh-uh-o-kay," Rory stammered. "Well. The, uh, do you know about the power transfer conduits on the--" Everyone had to pause and steady themselves as the ship shuddered from another hit. "--the Akira class?"

La Forge barely swayed with the shudder. "Yes I'm more then familiar with the power transfer conduits, that includes the faulty ones in the Starboard shield matrix." She answered. "Any direct hits in that area can cause an overload in the shield matrix, causing a cascade failure in the shields."

Rory blinked once than waved in a vague direction. "Better get to it then. I don't want my ship to blow up!"

She nodded and stepped over to a console. Within a few moments she rerouted the power through the secondaries. "That should keep the system stable until I can replace or am given permission to modify the power transfer conduits with Borg technology." She said as another shudder rolled through the ship. "I can get started with the field repairs, if I can retrieve the parts."

"Salvan," Rory shouted to an ensign across the main bay. "Help, uh..." Name? "La Forge get the parts!" He looked at the Borg. "Adapting shit with Borg tech will be discussed after we're not in a firefight, kay? Kay. Salvan will help."

"Understood." La Forge said. "I'll draw up plans to what systems will benefit from a Borg refit." She looking at the Ensign. "Lead the way to the parts."

"Of course," the Vulcan ensign replied, sounding as calm as ever despite the firefight taking place. He led the...intriguing new resident of the ship off to where they had created a parts storage area. Through the war, it became clear that replicators could be disrupted and having ready-at-hand parts during a fight was better than not having them, hence the storage locker that Salvan led the Borg and her entourage to.

She reached into the locker and pulled out a bag and started to load parts into it. She only remained quiet as she did this job. "How many people are going to be working in damage control in specific areas or systems?" La Forged ask the Vulcan.

Salvan tilted his head slightly. "That depends on the area or system," he replied. "Bear in mind that following the war and concession, we are far from full capacity in any department. Many engineers and specialists will be working in more than one area, depending on what happens during this fight and where they are most needed."

"Not efficient!" La Forge stated. "I will need to suggest that many systems be replaced or assimilated. Lead me to this system."

"I would point out that this is not your vessel," the Vulcan replied evenly. "You have not specified what system you want me to lead you to."

"The power transfer conduits in the Starboard shield matrix." La Forge said. "I also know that this isn't my vessel, but I have offered my engineering knowledge the Minerva crew. If my knowledge is needed to make the systems of Minerva more efficient by including Borg technology, then I will."


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