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Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 10:58pm by Lieutenant Jesse Stone
Edited on on Sat Nov 14th, 2020 @ 2:40am

Mission: Gods of War
Location: Approaching the edge of Federation space
Timeline: Backlog

Lieutenant Stone had been on the Roanoke for 2 weeks. In that time he's been working at many positions. He's worked Tactical, Helm, Op, Science and even Engineering. The captain, Captain Alex Trebek, had seen his file and felt he was able to do what he asked of him. The Roanoke had been short handed, due to enemy action. Many of the crew was dead or injured. Many people were working at whatever post needed filling.

The was with the Dominion was over. Starfleet surrended and every human was given the one opportunity to leave the Alpha Quadrant. The Roanoke was traveling with 2 other starships, the Ajax and Polk, and 5 other ships. The Roanoke was a Galaxy Class starship, the Ajax a Intrepid class and the Polk a Akira class. There was 1 hospital ship and 4 cargo haulers, which could only do warp 5.

The captain and his seniors officer, were having a meeting in the briefing room. "Lieutenant Stone, report to the briefing room." The summons came from the captain.

Stone entered the briefing room and saw all the senior officers sitting at the table. On the view screen, the other captains were present. The captain looked at Stone. "Lieutenant, please sit." The Security Chief pointed to a vacant chair, the Stone sat in. "Lieutenant. We have a situation." Captain Trebek started. "Long range sensors have detected 4 Jem Hadar cruisers in pursuit." Trebek paused. "With the frieghters only being able to do warp 5, we have determined that the Roanoke, Ajax and Polk will head back and engage them, giving the hospital ship and the freighters an opportuntiy to escape. Your course will be to the Delta Quadrant and meet up with the Minevra." The captain paused again.

Stone nodded. "I thought the Founders were allowing humans to leave."

Trebek rose and walked over to Stone. "Probably the Founders don't want any starships to leave, they might be afraid we might rearm and come back. So, Trebek walked to the window with his hands behind his back. "I need someone to take command of the hospital ship and the freighters, and lead them to safety, hopefully finding other refugees." Trebek turned around and faced Stone. "Lieutenant, I am giving you that assignment."

Stone was slightly stunned. He wanted to remain on the ship and fight the Jem Hadar, but he knew his duty was to obey his captain. He rose and looked at the captain. "I accept, sir."

Trebek put his hand out to shake his hand. "Thank you lieutenant." Stone shook the hand.

Trebek walked back to his chair. "We'll begin tranferring all children on the ships to the hospital ship. We'll also be sending any wounded. And you'll have some medical staff to take care of the children. Also the Polk will be sending 15 of their fighters as an escort." He sat down. "Son, I knew your parents, they would be proud of you now. Be ready to leave in one hour. Dismissed."

Stone walked put the briefing room and went to his quarters to pack a few things.

An hour later, he walked onto the bridge of the USS Fauci. The helmsman turned, "Captain on the bridge."

"As you were." Stone walked to the captain's chair. "Is everything ready, helm?"

"Good to go, sir. Waiting for orders."

The communications officer spoke. "Incoming communication from Captain Trebek."

"On screen." Stone stood up.

"Lieutenant. The last of all civilians and children is done. You are good to go. Good luck, lieutenant."

Stone looked at the screen. "And good luck to you as well. I hope we meet again."

Trebek nodded and the screen went blank.

Stone sat back down. "Open a channel to all ships." When the channel opened. "All ships, prepare to get underway. Course....the Delta Quadrant and the Minerva. Warp 5." When all ships responded, "Engage." Then, the ships, carrying the refugees went to warp as the 3 starships disappeared as they went to engage the enemy.



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