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Getting fixed up. Again.

Posted on Wed Jan 6th, 2021 @ 8:35pm by Lieutenant Lewis Daniels & Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn

Mission: Gods of War
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD01 2120

The first opportunity available to Dina to go to sickbay, that's exactly where she was headed. Her group of survivors had been transported onboard, she'd remained on planet while the people were beamed up only to go up with the last of them, ensuring everyone had made it safely onboard. Once that was done though, Sickbay is where she limped.

Her uniform stained and dirty, her right thigh bandaged in field dressing, she entered sickbay. "Hey, Doc?" she called out.

Lewis looked up from his place looking over something on one of the bio bed screens. "Commander, what can I do for you... or rather what have you done to yourself today." He asked her with a smile as he stepped away from the bio bed. Like others he had already seen, the commander looked like she'd taken a beating. "Take a seat, lets see if we can get you fixed up." He added.

"Friendly fire to the leg, thigh got grazed. The beam cauterized the wound. A medic applied a field dressing on site. This all happened - about half an hour ago, ish," Dina mused, sitting down on the bio bed with a wince, hefting her afflicted leg up and resting it on the bed.

"Could have been worse." He said as he opened a tricorder taking the sensor he ran a hand over the wound. "Good news, your medic knew what he or she or they were doing." Lewis smiled as he said this. "Which makes my job a lot easier and your chance of scarring a lot less." He said to her. "I'm going to give you something just in case we got any nasty microbes in that wound." He said looking at the woman's appearance he highly doubted that it had been cleaned when it had been healed.

"Yeah, thanks Doc," she gave a tired smile that didn't spread to her eyes. Truth be told she really just wanted to go rest, but she couldn't yet. There were reports to write and file, new crew to meet, and first of all, this bloody leg to get fixed up. She chuckled at the thought of frequent flyer miles at Sickbay.

Taking a hypo of a tray he went about putting what he needed in it before returning to Dina pressing it into the side of her neck he pressed the release button. "Shower thoroughly Commander and return here should you have any further issues and see one of the doctors." Lewis said to her. They were all going to be busy so lord knows when he would be able to take time for himself or focus on what his own staff needed. He took a dermal regenerator from one of the nurses and gave a nod. "Try to not run any marathons for a day or so and keep the drills to a minimum where you participate." He explained as he went to work.

"Will keep it in mind, doc," Dina offered, closing her eyes wincing a bit, but otherwise remaining calm and collected. "Was lucky it was a Federation phaser and that it just grazed me, I s'pose. Lucky it wasn't a solid hit. Even though I make a big target," she smirked.

"Well yes you are lucky, I doubt you'd be talking if it were the Jem Hadar's work. Patching you up is going to be a regular thing, if that turns out to be the case we'll name a bio bed after you." He said half playfully and with a raised eye brow. "We can think of it as a commissioning of sorts." He added.

"That might not actually be such a bad idea, at least get one biobed that's a bit bigger and sturdier than the normal ones," Dina mused. She closed her eyes, shoulders slumping a bit, continuing in a small voice. "I don't do this on purpose, you know. Get hurt. I'm not suicidal. I have a job to do and I'm gonna stay here and do it, best way to honor the fallen."

"You are a security officer, its in the job discription. For the record in the current environment I think most of you are a penny short of a pound. But then I think thats probably justified considering what we are facing." Lewis said to her he looked away. "Honour the fallen by bringing the rest home Commander. I've seen one to many kids on my table who haven't made it." He added. It might have seen cold as he didn't express emotion with it, but if he let the emotion show he'd have been less of a doctor capable of doing his job in his opinion so he kept his emotions out of the equation publicly. Vulcan's had something right he thought.

"Yeah, neither of us are strangers to watching our friends die," Dina sighed. She remained silent a moment, wincing slightly at the feeling in her leg, flicking an ear. "As for bringing these people home - that's what I'm here to do. That's what I signed up for."

"I think we've both spent enough time in the company of death to be tired of it. As for friends dying... I have a husband and siblings still unaccounted for commander and a child who needs answers. I have no idea if or when I'll be able to give him them." Lewis showed more himself than he wanted to with his words... but friends had irked him. No his friends dying that he could deal with, not knowing about his family or husband that was what kept him up all night or working until he could no longer fight the need to sleep.

Dina remained still for a moment before speaking, her warm voice quiet, defeated. "For me it's my home world, Sirrah. Messages go unanswered. No idea how my people are doing. I've thought about going there to see for myself, but - " she shook her head a bit. "One more Sirran there isn't going to make a difference. But here - people need me. Rely on me. Here I can make an actual difference. Help these people find a new home, even if I don't know what happened to mind," She sighed, shoulders slumping. "Am sorry to hear about your husband and siblings, really am. The not knowing is tough. I hope they're alright, really do."

He smiled sadly, "Sometimes hoping is all we can do, other times being acerbically sarcastic also helps. If nothing else it entertains you for a little while anyway. As someone once said God dammit I'm a doctor not a comedian." It was much easier to find humour after a bad day than after a good day he found sometimes at least. "None of us expected this when we signed on." Yes he had signed on in war as his skill set as a doctor was much needed but this was a situation beyond measure.

"But sign up we did. And now we have a job to do," Dina said, voice quiet but full of determination. "Thanks for the fix up, Doc. I'll take it easy on the leg for a while," she added.

"Make sure you do Commander. Until the next time!" He said with a smile.

"No offense but I'd rather not start earning frequent flyer miles for this place," beat "That's the phrase, right?" Dina smirked, heading out with a slight limp.

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