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Stone's Psych Eval

Posted on Mon Jan 25th, 2021 @ 6:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Adele Wyndham & Lieutenant Jesse Stone

Mission: The Past Undying
Timeline: OOC: Takes place prior to the start of the current plot.

Things were, generally, continuing apace for the USS Minerva. The number of crewmembers she was treating for depression and was post-traumatic stress was high, but again...that was an unfortunate reality for the universe this ship currently was living in. Adele knew it was a waste of her energy to lament that, and so she focused on treating those who came to her door. Which, today, was...

"Lieutenant Jesse Stone?" she asked with a polite, friendly smile as she stepped out of her office and saw the man sitting in her foyer.

Stone stood up and looked at the counselor. "Ma'am."

Still with the smile, she waved him into her inner office. "Come in and take a seat wherever you like. Would you like something to drink before we begin?"

Jesse entered her office and sat in a chair opposite her desk. "Nothing for me, ma'am."

Adele nodded and fetched herself a cup of tea before taking a seat in the chair near his, rather than behind her desk. In her experience, that was more for the higher echelons who needed to seem intimidating. As a counselor, she needed to be and seem the exact opposite of that. "Well, why don't we start with you telling me a little about yourself," she offered. "Whatever comes to mind that you'd like to share with me."

Jesse never liked talking about himself, but now he had to. "I was born into a family of Starfleet officers. I was born on the starship USS Venture, where my father was the captain and my mother was the ship's counselor." He kept fidgeting in his seat. "My oldest brother, Robert, was the first to go to the academy. Then my sister, Beverly, and finally my brother Peter. When I reached 17, I applied to the academy and was accepted. By this time, my brothers and sister were already posted to various ships in the fleet. Robert was one the fast track to be captain, Beverly was now a lieutenant commander and Peter was a security chief. At the academy, I decided to major in security and tactical. I studied hard, but I still found time to mingle with my class mates and join various Academy groups." He hesitated for a moment. Upon graduatation, I was assigned to the USS Blackford and a assistant security and tactical officer. Then, the war started."

He stood up and walked to the replicator for a glass of water. He returned and Towards the end of the war, the Lincoln led a task force comprised of 25 ships aganist a Jem Hadar ship yard. 10 ships managed to fight through the Jem Hadar ships to attack the base....all but 2 were destroyed.sat in the same chair.

"My father was promoted to Admiral and used the USS Franklin as his flag ship. My mother was to promoted to captain of the Franklin, my brother Robert became the first officer, my sister Beverly was made the chief medical officer and Peter was the security chief."

"In the first week of the war, the Blackford was attacked and severly damaged. It was a miracle that it was able to limp back to Federation terrority. We lost more then half the crew. While the Blackford was undergoing repair, I was transferred to the USS Lincoln as the ship's chief security/tactical officer. The Lincoln saw many battles."

"Near the end of the war, the Lincoln was part of a task force comprised of 25 ships aganist a Jem Hadar ship yard. The Franklin was the lead ship. 10 ships managed to fight through the Jem Hadar ships to attack the base....all but 2 were destroyed....the Franklin amongest them. Their were no survivors from any of the destroyed ships."

"When the Federation surrender, When the war ended with the Federation surrender, I was part of a group of 20 shuttlecrats and runabouts trying to escape from the Alpha Quadrant. I was piloting one of the runabouts. Of the 20 ships.....7 survived. Then we found the Minerva."

He dropped his head for a moment, wiped a tear away, then brought his head back up and looked at her. "I'm sorry.....sometimes I tend to ramble on."

Adele listened attentively, nodding encouragingly at the right moments. When he stopped, she offered a faint, sympathetic smile. "It's nothing to apologize for. I'm terribly sorry for your losses. The war has been so terrible for so many. It's hard, sometimes, to know how we're all going to move forward from it."

"Well...I for one, plan of throwing myself into my work, to try to keep my mind focused on things." He looked at her. "Being in command of the hospital ship...all those children and doctors and nurses and crew...they were counting on me to get them to safety. Me!! I spent some time visiting the children....most of them having just lost their parents...I tried to sit with some of the younger children and we'd talk and play....sometimes they would ask me to read them a story. I grew attached to a couple of them. I hope the captain will allow me the chance to go back to the Fauci and visit them. Is that crazy?"

"No, I don't think that's crazy at all," the counselor replied easily. "Children can be remarkably resilient, and they can be healing for others."

"I think I need someone to love.....those children need someone to watch over them. You think the captain might approve of me adopting one or two of them?" He asked.

Adele's brows rose slightly. Captain Rau... "Not while you're serving on the Minerva, I'd say," she said as gently as she could. "This isn't a family ship. And it's also a decision you'd want to take a long time to consider. Taking on the responsibility of raising a child is a big one."

"Maybe I can find someone to share the responsibility with me."

"Perhaps," Adele agreed carefully. "But give it time. All of us are processing a lot of grief right now, and grief can drive us to make rash decisions."

"You're probably right. Chances are we are looking for an M class world to settle on. If there was a civilization there, we would make contact. If it was unihabited, that would be better." Stone theroized.

Adele nodded. "I imagine so," she agreed. "It will be a while before we get to that, though. We have to get away from where the Dominion has marked as theirs." Which, unfortunately, was now a lot of territory. "We've been told to get used to being on our ships for a while."

"It'll be like a very long deployment, counselor." He looked at her.

"Basically," she agreed. "What's the longest ship-board deployment you've been on so far?"

"I was born on the USS Venture. Was there until I turned 17, then I went to the Academy, but that probably doesn't count." Stone replied. "After the Academy, I was assigned to the USS Blackford, then the war broke out. About a month after I arrived, the Blackford was attacked by the Jem Hadar. We fought them off, but we were badly damaged, but we managed to limp back to Federation space, where the ship was going to be repaired, so that was 12 months? With so many personnel being killed or wounded, command decided to transfer all able bodied crew from the Blackford to the USS Lincoln. The Lincoln was part of a task force assigned to attack a Jem Hadar shipyard. That was near the end of the war. Lincoln and 1 other ship survived. Then the war ended. So I was on the Lincoln.......21 months?"

She nodded and smiled slightly. "It sounds like you'll do alright with this journey then," she said. She paused and took a breath. "I'm qualifying you for duty aboard the Minerva, but please recall my advice about making large life-altering decisions without a great deal of thought." It was once upon a time that there was a lot more to these evaluations, but times were different now. Time itself was a luxury that none of them had.

"Understood, commander. I will heed your advice. Thank you for approving me." Stone stood and headed to the door.


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