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Mix of madness

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 10:14pm by Commander Bente Romaine & Captain Cecilia Rau

Mission: Gods of War

She'd beamed over to the USS Minerva not that long ago, and already Bente was seeing a lot of things that were going to be challenging. All in good time though. She'd been given her marching orders a couple of days prior to her arrival here. Apparently, Command had gotten tired of her being a pain in her CO's butt and had decided she needed reassigning. The Minerva was the ship that ate XO's for lunch. Or rather, its CO was rumored to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, this is where she'd been sent.

This was going to be so much fun. She briefly considered skipping the part where she reported in to the CO, but then decided that probably wouldn't start them off on the right foot, so shortly afterwards, she found herself waiting to be allowed entry in the ready room.

Cecilia was in her usual chipper mood, of course. This was her natural state, after all, and she rarely even bothered trying to appear otherwise. When there was a chime at her office door, she was curious as to who the brave soul on the other side was. Few arrived without more advanced warning. "Enter," she barked, watching the door intently. When she saw the person who walked in, her brow furrowed. "I don't know you."

Bente blinked at the bark from the other side. She'd heard a word around the bark, but still. The CO eating XO's became slightly more realistic. "Very astute," she replied once the door had closed. She didn't mean to. Really. It just slipped out. "Commander Bente Romaine, your- new XO," she spoke a moment later. She'd almost said 'your dinner'.

"Another one?" Cecilia said, one brow arching. That didn't slip out so much as she just didn't care to stop it. "I thought they gave up on trying to give me execs a long time ago. The last one literally ran away screaming."

"I'm rumored to not taste well," Bente shrugged, eyeing down on the CO from where she was standing. It really wasn't her fault. "They probably gave up for a while, until I appeared on their radar."

The captain eyed her up and down. "What did you do to draw the short straw?"

"What makes you say it was the short straw?"

"That's the only sort of person they'd sentence to be my XO."

"Sentence? Geez. You really make me feel welcome."

Rau shrugged. "I'm sure you were warned," she said offhandedly as she got up and went to the replicator for a cup of coffee. "I suppose I can get you something to drink if you want it. Sit if you like. You still haven't answered my question."

Bente kept a close eye on the movements, but so far she wasn't alarmed. No food threat, yet. "I'll have what you're having. I'm assuming you won't poison yourself," she smirked as she sat down. A seat and a drink offered in one sentence, she would take both. "Why I was sent here? Because Command apparently thought we'd get along."

With a grunt, Cecilia ordered two coffees. She sipped from one and handed the other to this strange woman. "I doubt that," she said flatly. "I'm sure there was something else." She sat behind her desk again. "Some reason they don't like you as much as they don't like me."

"Don't you like a good challenge?" Bente shrugged as she accepted the coffee, but her eyes had lit up with amusement. "You have the upcoming time to try to figure out why Command wouldn't like me."

Cecilia eyed Bente. "Challenges can be interesting. Surprises rarely are."

"I'm not here to make things interesting. I'm just here to be your XO," Bente replied over the rim of her cup.

Rau made a noncommittal noise while she mentally considered whether she should file a complaint or not. It wouldn't go anywhere real, she knew, but it might make her feel better... "Well, then. Welcome aboard, Commander."

Bente had no illusion whatsoever about the sincerity of that statement, but she'd take it. For now. "Thank you, Captain. The warmth of your reception certainly makes me feel welcome." Not on purpose. Really.

Well, Cecilia thought wryly. Whether Commander Romaine was here for it or not, she was going to end up making Rau's life interesting all the same...


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