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PLOT LOG - Unfortunate Assignment

Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 @ 12:09am by Captain Cecilia Rau

Mission: Little Things





Cecilia Rau grunted as she clamped her teeth shut so tightly, she was sure that she cracked one of them and that the sound was audible over the open channel to Rear Admiral Mornix. One would say it was bad form for a starship captain to act like a petulant teenager when speaking with an admiral, and one would be right. But what Cecilia had to say to that one was that they should shut the f--

"It's only for a short time. I'm sure you and your ship will survive it," the Denobulan man said with more patience than some would have achieved.

"Admiral," Rau ground out, "there is a reason, and a very good reason, as to why I wasn't given a ship with families and I'm not in charge of a civilian ship. I am terrible with children. I can't stand them, and they can't stand me." Of course, there always was the argument to be made that Rau really didn't like any people of any age, but that was beside the point at the moment because the admiral wasn't telling her about just any people, she was telling her that children were about to infest the Minerva. Cecilia just was not having it and she didn't care who she was speaking to. "Isn't there something in the bylaws against torture?"

Mornix arched one ridge-brow. "This isn't torture. It's children."

Ceclia narrowed her eyes. "Have you met children?"

"Yes, I have four between my two wives and myself," he replied offhandedly. "The Minerva is the nearest ship with enough extra space to accommodate these little ones."

It seemed that the CSS Nightingale had serious repairs to undergo, even while on the move, and the kids from the orphanage ship needed temporary accommodations. Of course, the entire order was coupled with the gut-shot of a reminder that they even needed an orphanage ship, but there were just too many war orphans and not enough places to put them yet. Hopefully soon, they would all be placed with families and the modified Olympic-class could return to its creator's original intent, but for the moment? It housed nearly seventy-five children of various Federation species ranging from infant to fourteen.

...and now the Minerva was going to house them.

"Is there anything at all that I can say to get you to put them somewhere else?" Captain Rau pleaded.


"Fine," she hissed. "But anything that happens isn't my fault. You were warned."

Mornix gave her a look that managed to say, without any words at all, that Cecilia Rau was lucky there was a dearth of qualified, battle-hardened captains out there, otherwise her attitude would have gotten her booted right out of that seat and on her way to the nearest asteroid out of town. Cecilia knew, of course, that they would have to pry this captain's chair from under her cold, dead ass.

The channel closed and the captain afforded herself a few moments to sulk before keying open the ship-wide address.

"Captain Rau to all hands. It looks like our ship is going to be host to a small herd of short beings," she drawled. "The CSS Nightingale needs its passenger complement housed while they make some major repairs, and it seems we are the only viable candidate for seventy-five orphaned children. I sincerely don't know how this is going to go, but we need to do our best to return them home in roughly the same shape we received them. Every one of us isn't blessed with a wealth of extra time, so it's all hands on deck to help out however you can with housing, feeding, and watching them. They'll need to go through sickbay as well for a health check. Good luck. They arrive tonight..."

=/\= End Log =/\=

OOC: So for the start of this plot, the kids arrive. Your characters can assist however you like, but imagine it as a pretty crazy babysitting job. Who are these kids? How are they handling things? They are traumatized, after all. What mischief are they going to get into, and how is your character going to help? It's open game here until act two. Just no serious injuries or death to children in the process. :P


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