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A Wolf Walks Into An Office

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn & Commander Bente Romaine

Mission: Gods of War
Location: Bente's office

Dina had heard there was a new XO onboard, and so she made her way down to said XO's office. Politeness dictated she at least introduce herself, and she was curious to see what this XO was all about, as well. As such the massive Sirran lumbered her way to the office and rang the doorchime.

Only having settled in shortly before her chime rang, Bente looked up in annoyance. If this was how things were going here, she could understand why Rau barked in reply to the sound. She managed however, to put up her most friendly face and leaned back in her chair. "Enter!" she called, setting aside the PADD she was looking at to give the new arrival her full attention.

Dina had to duck to fit through the doorframe, an unfortunate reality of living as a Sirran aboard a Federation starship. She seemed to have the art down to a science though, the tips of her ears brushing against the bukhead as she passed underneath, the tip of her tail againt the door as it closed behind her. "Commander," she spoke, her voice thick and warm, another trait of the Sirran, having a voice box scaled relative to their own size and thus considerably larger than a human's, they tended to have lower voices, rich and full. "Dina Vossiborn, Chief Security. Thought I'd drop by and introduce myself," she offered, standing at attention, displaying large, razorsharp fangs as she spoke.

'Damn!' Bente thought to herself, but she was careful not to say it outloud. This was a great accomplishment. She only dropped her jaw for a split second before composing herself and clearing her throat. "Commander, it's good to meet you. Take a seat," she smiled. 'Before I sprain something from looking up.'

Dina chuckled, as she relaxed and pulled up a seat, making it look small as she sat her large frame down upon it. "Don't worry, I get that reaction a lot. Am used to it by now," she spoke. Even though Bente had suppressed the 'damn', the look of surprise was unmistakable, and familiar. "I'm a Sirran, fairly typical for a female one. Males tend to be slightly bigger and considerably bulkier," she explained.

"Must come in handy, being a Security officer," Bente mused outloud. She still had to look up considerably, but at least it was somewhat tolerable now.

"Helps with the intimidation factor. If I want something done, all I have to do is ask. And smile," she did exactly that, showcasing a very impressive set of teeth, with canines like daggers, though there was amusement in her eyes and her ears were upright, in a friendly way. "In other ways it gets in the way. Standard small arms are a challenge to use with these hands, corridors are claustrophobic, I don't really fit in the jefferies tubes and finding sparring partners to practice with is a challenge," she explained.

Bente looked the tall woman up and down, not bothering hiding the fact she was (literally) sizing her up. "I'll spar with you. Like you say, size has its benefits, but also its disadvantages," she spoke, pausing. "As you've come here to meet me, you obviously know who I am, but to return the introduction, I'm Bente Romaine."

Dina chuckled, "I'm sure you're faster and more agile than me, Commander, and sure - I'll let you beat up on me for a bit if you want, but what I meant was, spar with someone where I don't have to hold back," she explained. "Pleasure to meet you, Commander Romaine."

Even though she wasn't entirely ready to call it a 'pleasure' yet, Bente had to admit that things could have been worse. Like with the CO. Then again, she'd liked that meeting as well. Straight forward worked for her. This Sirran woman seemed to be her own version of straight forward, which was good. "Anything specific you would like me to know about your department?"

"Nothing much specific. We're a little understaffed and a little underequipped, but I'm making it work," Dina explained, flcking an ear. "I can have a department readiness report on your desk by tonight if you want?"

A report? An extra report? Bente didn't want extra reports. She'd had enough reports as it was. But that probably wouldn't be a nice answer to the offer. "Sure. A readiness report would be good. By tomorrow is fine though."

"Not a problem," Dina offered. "Now that I'm here anyways, do you have any questions for me?"

Bente thought for a while. She hadn't considering meeting her department heads just yet, so all these questions gave her a headache. "What shift rotation do you use?" she asked eventually, figuring it would save her the time to having to look it up herself. "That obviously goes for the entire ship, but as you're the first department head I meet...."

"Three shift. I think most of the ship is on three shift," Dina mused.

The XO nodded while making a mental note. "I think that's all for now, Commander. I appreciate the initiative of checking in," she added. 'That way, you save me from having to chase you down while I have better things to do.'

"Of course," Dina said with a nod, rising to her full height again. "If that will be all, Commander .. ?" Just making sure instead of simply leaving.

"Yeah, yeah, Commander. Dismissed," Bente waved her hand in the direction of the door. All that formality was tiring, but at least expected from the Chief of Security.

And with a soft chuckle under her breath the Sirran exited the office, again, ducking through the doorframe.


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