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Arrival of the Borg

Posted on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 12:33pm by Ensign La Forge & Captain Cecilia Rau & Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn
Edited on on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 12:49pm

Mission: Gods of War
Location: Main Shuttlebay

La Forge had done a full a scan of all the Federation ships in the area, and even did a long range scan to make sure that no Dominion ships where in the region. With nothing within range, be made sure that her weapons was offline. Then she closed into weapons range of the Federation fleet and then matched their speed. Then she reconfigured her shields to make her appear to the Federation. Then she waited to see their reaction.

The first ship to detect her was the USS Minerva, since that ship just naturally had a way of being at the forefront of the trouble. Rumors abounded as to why that was, but nothing had ever been proven... the meantime, Rau had already barked her orders and the report to the nearby ships. Before even opening hailing frequencies, the well-practiced lockout maneuver blocked this new ship from getting at the civilians--at least without a heavy fight--and scans were looking for anyone else.

"Who the hell is it?" Cecilia ordered. The ship was vaguely Starfleet, but it had been clearly modified.

La Forge watched how the Federation was reacting to her presence. Massive and heavy scans of her vessel and the surrounding area. There weapons where armed and shields raised. Then she opened a channel to the fleet. "I am La Forge a Borg." She stated before she stepped onto the screen and took a seat the controls. "I request permission to land and speak with you."

"Scan for other Borg!" Cecilia snapped. Then she turned forward again, staring at the screen. "Why the hell do you want to talk to us? What is a lone Borg doing here?"

La Forge tilted her head slightly, which caused her long brown hair to cascade over her shoulder as she pondered the question. "I was dispatched by Hugh, to render assistance to the remaining Federation forces." She answered truthfully. "You are distrustful of my motives. You are scanning for other Borg vessels in the area. I assure you that my vessel is the only Borg signature you will find. To show my truthfulness, I will submit to any restrictions you wish to place on me. I, also, I have supplies in the cargo section of my vessel, that you may take and use."

Cecilia was not ignorant of her history, of course, so she knew the name, but things still didn't add up. "Gonna keep up with the scans, if you don't mind," she said. "Even if you do mind." She really didn't care. "Why does Hugh want to assist us? Figure y'all would have just as much troubles as us."

"The Dominion haven't found the Homeworld yet." La Forge stated with a shrug. "Hugh sent me for 2 reasons. The first is that the Federation has assistance us on two occasions, and he wishes to return the favor. The other reason is the fact that I am considered experimental. As I am the unexpected results from the experiments from the Android Lore." She stated flatly. "I am sure that your optics is telling you that I don't look like a typical Drone."

Cecilia glanced aside and got a nod of confirmation. She turned back to the view screen, licking teeth that suddenly looked "What the hell," she said. "We'll bring your shuttle aboard and go from there. Try anything dumb and you'll be vaporized. Got it?"

La Forge tilted her head the other way. "Do anything dumb? That would be inefficient." She said as her Runabout started forward. "I'm sure you will have a full staff of Security, Medical, and Engineers present when I land."

"Just fly through the open door," Rau snapped, turning to the tactical officer with a slice-throat "shut it off" gesture. "I will apparently be in the shuttle bay."

Down in the bay...

As expected, there was a full contingent of officers there with her. Primarily security, but medical and engineering were indeed on hand. They waited behind the force field as the runabout entered the bay and set down. The door shut and the deck repressurized, allowing the field to drop so they could advance and wait for the hatch to open and the Borg to appear.

A brown haired, silver eyed girl, who looks to be no more then 18 years of age, standing at a whomping 5 foot 2 inches, and her body is different then those of the standard Borg Exo-plating. This gives her an odd look with mostly black lines over her limbs, lower face, and down her spine which had fine blue LED lights. Her silver eyes scanned the assemble officers and their weapons, as they where pointed at her. She had left her Borgified Runabout open as the aft section of it opened up also. This was to allowed access to the Cardassian supplies that was there. "I am La Forge a Borg, it is a pleasure to meet you face to face."

From her own 6'0" frame, Rau looked down at the...tiny Borg. Which was weird. Just fucking weird. The captain grunted as she appraised the creature standing before her. "Please repeat what you said you have in your ship. And how did you come to be in a Starfleet runabout?"

"I had taken all that I could from a Cardassian Galor-class starship that had attacked me. Before I destroyed them." La Forge stated. "I had been given the Runabout after Hugh and the others had assimilated an wrecked Akira-class starship. It was here that we discovered what had happen to the Federation. It was decided that I was being sent to find the remaining Federation forces." She said as her silver eyes scanned the room. "I had gotten your coordinates form the Cardassian ship that I had destroyed."

"Assimilated one of our ships..." Cecilia Rau repeated, with a visible twitch to her right eye for a few moments. She took a slow breath. Wrecked ship. Not crew. They'd be gone. She still didn't like it, but it did put a different face on the matter. She was about to say something when a short ensign in security stepped up.

"Captain Svren of the Okinawa would like to take tactical command of the prisoner," the ensign said nervously.

Rau snapped her teeth at him, a low animalistic growl coming from her throat. "Tell Svren to sit on one of his pointy ears and spin. This is my op and she's not a prisoner. Yet." Another growl and she turned back to the Borg. La Forge? Who the hell named her. "And why are you here again?"

La Forge tilted her head. "Hugh's orders where specific." She said. "To find the remaining Federation forces and render any assistance possible." She tilted head the other way. "Do these supplies extend the olive branch?" She asked not really understanding the meaning behind those words.

The captain's eyes rose to look at the officer's inspecting the cargo, who nodded that--so far--everything checked out and so she turned back to the Borg. "I suppose, but I don't understand why. Not really. This seems like a lot, or too little, to be an offer of aid. One of you and some stolen supplies to lend aid? Why not stay home? Or why not bring a bigger force? How do you expect to help us?"

"The supplies came off a Cardassian ship that was destroyed. I needed some the equipment to repair the Runabout, and logically the remaining fleet here could use whatever supplies they can get." She said looking back at the officer looking at the supplies. I was sent as I'm experimental. I'm also a talented engineer." She started looking back at the Captain.

"What do you mean experimental?" Rau asked, eyes narrowing slightly.

"I'd like to know that as well." boomed a powerful, resonant voice. Gone was the rounded warmth of the Sirran's words when spoken at a normal conversational level, now that she was here and believed that a little show of presence was warranted, she proved that her voice could match her stature, if so desired. The enormous lupine officer jogged towards the assembled group, keen predatory eyes firmly on the diminutive Borg. "Sorry I'm late, Cap'n - got delayed. Good to see my team's on the ball." the Sirran motioned at the other security officers present.

"Meaning that I'm the unexpected by-product of the experiments done by the Android Lore." La Forge stated, as she studied the mountain of Lupine that entered. "He was performing experiments on Borg technology. He made a few modifactions to a Borg Maturation chamber. Then he abandoned it. It reactivated. Then it turned into a Incubation Chamber and using DNA from a now dead Drone and components from the Soong-type Android." She stated out loud. "Now my brain is reinforced with a Borg infused positronic neural pathways. On top of this my epidermis layer is a Tripolymer Alloy Exo-Plating. This will allow me to take several directed energy blasts as my adaptive shielding adapts." She tilted her head while looking at the over large Lupinoid, which caused her hair to cascade over her shoulder. "I also can rapid accelerate my nanites. When I do that I will be offline for 3 solar days." Then she returned her attention to the Captain. "I thought your optics already told you that I don't look as a standard Borg Drone does?"

Rau's brow arched. "It doesn't mean we know what you people have been doing and what is experimental for you or not. Why were you sent because you were experimental? Do they expect you to malfunction and wanted to dump you on us?"

"My systems have been stable fore 9 solar years." La Forge stated. "As I look more like a member of Species 5618, Hugh felt that hatred towards me should limited." She stated. "He also made a commit about my learning to be more Species 5618."

"Sounds ineffecient to me," Dina flicked an ear. "You're not human - not entirely. You can do things humans can't. Why try to be like them, rather than yourself?" she folded massive arms over each other, examining La Forge. "Integrate, don't imitate, is what my old captain used to tell me."

She gave the over sized lupine an odd look. "I am Borg, I will adopt and assimilate into this fleet. If I am allowed." La Forge stated.

The captain grunted in a distinctly unladylike way. In truth, it didn't really sound human either. "I'm still not sure your story holds water, but your supplies are legit so maybe you are too. You gotta see medical and engineering to make sure you have no surprises, though." She looked at her new chief of security, who she also didn't trust yet, but that was an issue of time more than anything else. At the moment. Rau didn't really trust anyone. "What do you think?"

"You are as you say, Borg," Dina flicked an ear,eyes narrowing slightly at the person before her. "The vast majority of Borg the Federation have met have caused untold harm, death and trauma. You throw Hugh's name around and claim to want to help us, but from where I'm standing, your word is worth exactly the dirt underneath my feet. It's my responsibility to keep this crew safe. What reason do I have to believe you? What proof do I have you won't up and start assimilating the crew? I'm a need more than just a vague promise."

La Forge pondered the question for a few moments. "I don't know how a story can hold water, but what choice do you have?" She stated looking at the Chief of Security. "At this time I could have already assimilated the Captain and five other crew members, before you arrived. Once my shields adapted to the phasers, nothing would have stopped me from taking the ship." She stated bluntly. "At this point you need all the Allies you can get. I understand that the Federation hates the Borg. I will submit to any restrictions you wish to place on me, short of my destruction or my ships." She stated. "I will not allow myself to be dismantled, except for this." Her outer right forearm opened and moved to either side. An odd looking device popped into place there. She grabbed it with her left hand, pulled it free, and handed it to the large woman. "Besides my tendrils and my physical strength, I'm now without a direct energy weapon." Her right arm closed again.

Dina took it and handed it over to another officer. "Secure this," she told him before turning back to La Forge. "Attacking the captain and a few security crew would mark you as a threat immediately which would not help you take over the ship, and boasting about how you could if only you so chose is really not helping your case. What choice do we have, you ask? I'm sure the ship will run fine without you onboard."

Dina tilted her head a bit. "You gave up your weapon, that's a start. Do you have assimilation tubes and nanoprobes? Agree to have those deactivated until you've proven yourself and earned our trust, and I'll ... give you the benefit of the doubt."

"I unable to agree to that. My tendrils are useful against technologies that you will meet out there." La Forge said. "I do not carry nanoprobes. I have nanites, but those also can't be deactivated, as that goes against allowing myself to be destroyed, because they are integrated into my systems." She stated as she search her database on the Federation. "I thought those within the Federation was accepting of those that where different. I know that the Federation and the Klingon Empire where at odds with each other. Even the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire where at odds with each other. And the Federation was able to find a middle ground with both Empires." She seemed to get a vacant look on her face for a few moments. "I am of a species that the Federation have deemed hostile, but I'm not of those Borg. I'm from a sub-sect of Borg that the Federation have aided in the past. I'm here as a repayment of the debt."

"We're limping away from our home after years of a bloody war where our enemies could wear the faces of friends," Rau growled. She herself had nearly been dismantled after years of dedicated service because she was "too like" their enemy. This Borg woman hadn't proven anything yet. "I still want medical and engineering to take a look," she went on. "We can't afford to not be paranoid. But if your story checks out, we'll talk." Rau nodded at Dina. "Escort her to sickbay."

"Ma'am," Dina gave a nod to Rau before turning to La Forge again and motioning in the direction of sickbay. "With me, please. Captain says to give you a chance, so that's what I'm gonna do. You'll understand if I'ma keep an eye on you though, at least for the foreseeable future."

La Forge nodded and followed the much larger woman. She did make note of the several Security personnel following behind. She knew that they each had a different frequencies for their weapons. They wouldn't work, but they would still try, if needed, but it wasn't. Her ships senors where telling her that the Engineers, still with the Captain, are scanning every inch of her vessel. They where attempting to find any explosives on board. The only ones they are finding are the Borg enhanced Micro-Torpedoes in the forward launcher on the main body of the Runabout and two Borg enhanced Quantum Torpedoes in the roll bar launcher. And both launchers are locked and on standby, and even the Borg distuptors are also locked and on standby.


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