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Romaine / Stone

Posted on Tue Jan 26th, 2021 @ 2:11am by Lieutenant Jesse Stone & Commander Bente Romaine
Edited on on Tue Jan 26th, 2021 @ 2:11am

Mission: Little Things
Location: XO's office

She'd had enough of the kids! She hated kids! Kids didn't know what to do with her, and she didn't know what to do with them! Bente sighed in frustration as she stood at the viewport in her office which allowed her an outside view of the stars. She needed a distraction. Running her mind down the mental list of department heads, she quickly found one.

"Romaine to Stone. You haven't visited me yet, and it's not nice to hide from your XO. Report to my office."

Stone heard the order. "On my way, commander." He had been off duty, and finishing his physical and counselor sessions. He walke quickly to the nearest turbo lift and within minutes, arrived at the commander's office. He pressed the chime and waited.

"Come on in," Bent waved to the Lieutenant as her distraction entered the office. "I'm so glad you honor me with your presence," she smirked, rounding the desk and sitting down in her chair.

Stone stood in front of the desk. "No disrespect intended, commander. The captain ordered a full physical and psyche evaluation, otherwise I would have reported sooner."

Bente nodded as she pointed the chair. "Pending evaluation doesn't mean you can't visit me, but I take your point, Lieutenant. How have you been feeling? How have the evaluations been going?"

"I've been feeling...well, anxious, commander. But the doctor said that my results appear fine, and the counselor is happy with my evals, commander." He looked at her. "Ma'am, was there something specific you wanted to talk to me about?"

"I didn't know i need a specific reason to talk to one of my department heads. And I really don't have any other reason than wanting to introduce myself," Bente shrugged.

"You're right, commander. It was a lapse in judgement on my part, ma'am."

Bente tilted her head slightly. She wasn't used to people being this complacent. "That's quite alright, Lieutenant. Just make sure you check in with me in my office at least once a week from now on."

"Consider it done, commander."

"Is there anything you'd like to ask? Or can we go about our business, Lieutenant?"

"At the moment, I have no questions, ma'am. What business are you referring to, ma'am?" Stone wondered.

Bente shrugged. "If you've been cleared for duty, I'm sure you've got work to do. If you're not on duty right now, I'm sure you've got things to do?"

"Yes ma'am." Stone nodded then turned and left.


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