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Ain't no 'hood like parenthood

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 1:12pm by Commander Bente Romaine & Lieutenant Lewis Daniels

Mission: Little Things

After the last few days he was happy to see an empty sickbay, it had been a long couple of weeks down here and his staff was close to exhausted by the end of it. No rest for the wicked he thought to himself as he sipped his coffee and closed his eyes enjoying the sound of the beeps in his relatively empty sickbay. Nothing more serious than a sprained wrist from over exerting themselves during a security drill. No surprise there was what he had thought when he'd seen where the man had been at the time when he'd seen where the injury had occured. He might also have said out loud that at least it wasn't the chief trying to make it her life work to get a bed named after her.

"You look like you're a bored man," a voice spoke from behind him. The Executive Officer had decided to stop by Sickbay, expecting it to be filled with kids just like the rest of the kids, but then surprised as hell that it was empty. A kid was sick all the time? Right?

"Their are days, when I am sorry I am as good as I am at what I do. It makes for the occasional quiet moment, something that doctor has to seize and enjoy. Especially on this tin can, seeing as the tin can in question sees a lot more action than I'd like." He said looking at the xo he smiled at him. "What can I do for you commander, I'd prefer good news or some juicy gossip rather than bad news." He added.

Bente shrugged. "It had just been a while since we ran into each other, I figured you were very busy," she spoke after a brief silence. She kept looking around Sickbay, expecting kids to jump up and try to surprise them at any moment now. "But apparently I was wrong," she added once she was mostly convinced there weren't any kids.

"After the last few weeks, I tend to spend most of my time either here, on the holodeck or in my quarters." He said to her. He had someone he needed to keep occupied when off duty and he needed distractions himself. Work was an easy way to distract himself, if he was bone tired enough he would sleep if he wasn't he was in for a long night immersed in memories he didn't want to visit. "You weren't wrong, however your timing is off. My son usually visits at some point during the day and we've had no accidents this morning with the kids. Then again its still early enough, that that might just change." He added. He loved kids and it was well known that his own was with him, he was one of the lucky ones if he allowed himself to think about it like that.

He was also keenly aware that if he didn't have Raphael given everything else and everyone else he had lost. He'd probably be unable to function anywhere near the level he was at. He grimmaced at the thought and the emotional pain that it brought with it. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he attempted to reign in his emotions.

She wasn't a mind-reader by far, but it didn't take one to see that the doctor in front of her had a whole train of thoughts going on that were causing him agony. Bente wasn't about to pry on something she wasn't invited on though. And so she let the moment of silence stretch a bit, giving him more time to get his emotions back under control. "No accidents with the kids is a small miracle. You should see what they've done to the cargo bay."

"Did the chief not lock away the breakables?" He asked with an amused air. "If I wanted something destroyed, broken or repainted I'd leave it somewhere Raphael could find then sit back and watch the mayhem." He said with a chuckle. "You know how you cam tell if someone has children, take a look at their quarters if they are a complete mess they have kids or bad habits."

Bente made a mental note to remember that she'd found about the only person aboard who wasn't bothered by the kids. It could come in handy. "I will keep that in mind, doctor. Mine have definitely never seen kids from up close. I should let you get back to work."

"Keep it that way, you will love them and or want to kill them sometimes both. The joys of parenthood." Lewis said to herwith a chuckle. "Of course commander, thanks for dropping by. Hopefully the next time you drop by lets hope its just for coffee. I have enough trouble with the security chief, we've been talking about renaming one of the bio beds in her honour, a little plaque and everything."


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