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Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 12:15pm by Commander Bente Romaine & Major Victor Madison

Mission: Little Things
Location: Deck 5

Having made his, and the Marine's presence firmly known to the new occupant of the Shuttlebay, Madison has left highest ranking Non-Commissioned Officer in charge and was now enroute to the Deck 12, which had been assigned to the Marines as their base of Operations.

As he strolled into the Officer's mess and made a beeline to the replicator, an activity that was starting to become a morning tradition for him. He quickly pulled up the menu of caffeinated beverages and begin to whittle down the options. He paused reading one entry twice, no thrice. A shudder ran through his body, "Who even entered Cardassian Vole milk into the replicator library?" he muttered to himself through a retch.

After a quick run down of the entire menu, he scrolled back to the top and selected a Bolian Coffee. Like most things Bolian it had a blue tint to it, rather than the traditional brown of earth coffees. Sweeter too. The most important factor for Madison this morning, was the increased caffeine content - a stimulant he knew he was going to need throughout the day.

Armed with a fresh cup of that blue bolian coffee, secured in a standard issue travel mug, Victor made his way thought the ships long corridors to the Marine Barracks. In order to get to know the ship and its people better, he had opted to take the route on foot rather than relying on the turbo lifts.

With an intermittent slurp from his cup, he continued on his path, taking a long sweeping corridor that ran in parallel to the ships saucer circumference, he spotted the ships Executive Officer in the distance giving off to a group of 3 teenage boys in the middle of the corridor.

She hated kids! Kids were awful! Why couldn't they be born adult! Awful! Bente hadn't gone on a (internal) rant like this in while, so that was progress at least. But now. No. Not so much. Kids were f*cking awful.

"....out of my face!" was all the Marine CO could hear as he got closer.

Bente took a deep breath and leaned one hand against the wall to steady herself. She hated kids. Wait, she'd just gone down that line of thought. Instead, she forced herself to focus on breathing.

As Victor approached the Executive Officer in the distance, the could hear the caffule growing. He briefly considered turning on his heel and heading back in the direction he'd just came, but his chivalrous nature got the better of him and he continued down the corridor. As he grew closer he spoke up, "Ma'am. May I be of assistance?"

He stood to a brief attention, before spreading his legs into a more relaxed stance. One of the three teens in front of him chortled and muttered under his breath, "Look at the square, thinks he's a big guy but is submissive feeee-maalle". It took all of Madison's effort not reach over and grab the young ferengi by the lobes.

The XO looked between the MCO and the kids. There was a headache growing between her eyes. The kids obviously hadn't understood that they should've cleared out, and the MCO was.. his Marine self. Then again, when she heard the teen reply, she narrowed her eyes at him. "Your mother never taught you any respect, did she?"

She then focused on Victor. "You don't want a couple of new recruits, do you?" she asked, thumbing towards the kids. She was joking! Really! Or maybe not..

One of the three made a dash to escape, knocking one of his friends to the ground and body slamming Madison into the bulkhead. On contact with the bulkhead the Marine CO involuntarily dropped his coffee to the floor, the containers lid popping from the top of the container as it hit the decking below, spilling the liquid onto the freshly cleaned carpet.

Victor let out a loud swear word before taking a few large strides to catch the errant teenager and subdued him, "Big mistake Kiddo..."

Bente took a step back and watched the exchange. Watching first the Marine CO flying, and a moment later the teenager, was pretty impressive to watch. As long as the boys kept it amongst themselves, she was all good with it. Then again, she was the XO and this kid had shown some serious disrespect, so she decided to side with Victor.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" she asked the teen who now had his arm wrestled behind his back. Then to Victor. "I'm sorry for your coffee."

"Well that's a replicator ration I'm not getting back..." Victor thought for a moment before a sadistic smile spread across his face, "Ma'am, rather than get Security involved, I think these boys could do with learning a lesson on what's its like to live as a responsibility Federation citizen..," 'what ever that means nowadays,' he thought to himself.

He released the arm of the teen who had body checked him before reaching down to pick up his mug from the floor, "I think these boys should spend the day with Marine's Ma'am. We can put them through their paces, show them what responsibility looks like,"

"That sounds like an excellent idea," Bente replied with a smirk. It would get both the Marine CO and those teens out of her hear for at least a day. Good. Very good. She genuinely liked the idea. "What do you think?" she asked the teen. "Prefer this one over brig time for assaulting an officer?"

Madison pointed at the 3 teens, with his right hand, twisting his wrist to point towards the floor, he began making a clockwise circular motion with his index finger index finger, "About face boys, about face. We're going to have some fun, and if you put your all into it, I'll forget about the coffee ration that you owe me. Deck 12, let's go."

As the three boys let out a loud exasperated sigh, they turned on their heels and began the march towards the Marine Barracks. Victor with a grin on his face snapped to attention and gave the Executive Officer a respectful departing salute, "Ma'am."

With a grin, Bente put her hands on her hips. "Have fun," she waved to their departing backs, not sure if she meant the kids, the Marine CO, or both.


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