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Posted on Sat Aug 22nd, 2020 @ 2:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn & Lieutenant Lewis Daniels

Mission: Gods of War
Location: Sickbay

A large form headed towards Sickbay. Ducking underneath low bulkheads, tail twitching out of the way of doors swiftly closing behind her, the ship's resident behemoth showed remarkable experience moving through a ship designed for people smaller than her, and without tails. Once at Sickbay she ducked inside and looked around, ears twitching as did her nose, taking in the sounds and smells as much as the sights. "Doc?" she asked, her voice warm and thick, rumbling.

Lewis looked up at being addressed from the pad he was working on, "Commander, I do believe that when they told your parents to take you out of the growing pot your parents ignored medical advice." He said with a smile. "What can I do for you commander?" He asked the woman in question.

"Funny," Dina smirked, flashing a hint of teeth. "Far as my people go, I'm a bit on the small side," Though back to the matter at hand. "Old injury acting up, shoulder hurts. Disruptor hit, few years back. Never got looked at properly. Field triage and all that," she mused, demonstrating by rolling her left shoulder and wincing as she did. "Was hoping you could do something to salvage what's left. Do something against this recurring pain."

"Commander if you had seen an orthopedic's surgeon as soon as it happened, there is a chance they would have been able to work some magic. A trauma surgeon on the other hand well the hint is in the title. I am your chief medical officer, not a miracle worker at least not on old injuries as the chief of security you should know better than to let go without attention." Lewis said with a scowl he grabbed a tricorder of one of the beds. "That being said, lets see what if anything can be salvaged to get you back to as close to normal as possible. We shall call it the new norm." He added as he flipped open the device and took the scanner of the end of the item in question. "How would you describe your range of movement commander?" Lewis asked. He had a bedside manner when he wished to use it, however he had little time for people who brought stuff upon themselves in the fleet.

"Well, there was a war on and I was in the field. Not many orthopedists around in the field. Our field medic was dead and as far as equipment goes, a twentieth century village doctor would've had better," she sighed, taking a seat. "So you can spare me the lecture. Missing a few degrees range of motion outwards and backwards. Forwards' about as good as it was before, so that's a thing."

No matter how many times he heard the complaints, he rolled his eyes at the chief's rebuke of his lecture. He was here to put the staff back together but if they expected him to be happy about putting old injuries right when they should have been dealt with soon after the incident in question. Then they were in for a shock.

"Time is critical with all injuries, range of movement from a disruptor blast there's a funny coincidence. You are the chief of security on this ship, tell me what would you expect from an untreated disruptor blast in terms of damage. Since you aren't dead Commander, we can scratch that consequence of the problem list. It could be nerve damge, tendon damage hell if you fell hard enough you could have sustained a small break or fracture." Lewis all but growled at the frustrating lack of common sense shown by security officers. "As it is you have issues with the muscles in your shoulder, you also have some minor damage to the nerve. I can fix it and you should regain the full use of your arm without chronic pain." Lewis said he turned to a nurse and gave a series of orders for what he would need before turning back to Dina.

"Are you quite done with the speeches, Doctor?" Dina asked, pointedly. "Do you not understand the concept of being on a planet, cut off from any support, having watched half the people under your command slaughtered, including all medical personnel, and trying to not fucking pass out from a shot to the shoulder?" She closed her eyes for a brief moment and took a deep breath to prevent her voice from escalating, returning to a calmer tone, though her words measured and pointed. "Do you understand the concept that if I could have gotten better medical aid, that I would have, but that there wasn't any available? Do you understand the concept that in war people get hurt and proper medical aid is not always readily available? Is that a concept you grasp? Fuck," She sighed. "Now are you quite done with the fucking speeches or am I going to have to sit through another one?"

"That's an issue you can discuss with the ships counsellor when you meet with them commander." Lewis said as he set to work on the shoulder. "I do not have to be the enemy, but on this day I do have to be the bad guy. I am concerned for more than one reason as to why you chose to not seek out proper medical care when you returned to the safety of a ship or a base. I am not satisfied for that matter with your answers, I am there for going to refer you to the ships counsellor, where they can fully evaluate the state of your mental health." Lewis softened his tone only fractionally when he next spoke. "You are not invincible, whether it be physical or otherwise this ship needs you at peak efficency and I am not convinced right now that you are. Speak to the counsellor and get some some shut eye."

"Was going to anyways once we had one," Dina spoke, her voice quiet, shoulders slumped, ears laid back and eyes closed. "Believe me, I know I need one - you don't know the half of it," she added, voice barely above a whisper. "Look, what happened happened, and I could've done without the high horse lecture telling me all I did wrong from someone who doesn't know the first thing about me." She partially pulled down her uniform top, allowing him access to her shoulder. There were more scars, old and more recent, where her fur was refusing to grow back.

Lewis went to work without comment until he was done with all that he could do a nurse handing him instruments silently from the side. "You can cover up I will want to follow up in a week and I want you on light duties with regards to that arm for 72 hours." Lewis said to her.

She'd have to adjust her training regimen, but she could survive that for a few days, she reckoned. Despite her reaction she knew he'd had a point in warning her for the dangers of letting injuries sit, but she also knew she'd had a lot to do, a lot on her mind, and a stubborn streak a mile wide. So all she did was give a nod. "Sure thing, doc. And, thanks," as she fixed her uniform again and got up from the biobed she was sitting on.

"You are welcome." Lewis said to her. "Lets do this again some time, you can help me work on the Darwin theory of evolution paper." He said to her with a wicked smile.

"I'm sure that's for smart people. Which isn't me. Anything else, doc?" She flicked an ear, just giving him a flat look.

Lips twitching he resisted the urge to complete the joke, closing his eyes for a moment to compose himself he opened then again his lips still pointing upwards in a smile of sorts. "No chief that will be all for now." Lewis concluded.

"Good." she sighed, rolling her shoulder a bit as she headed out.


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