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Fragments of the Imagination

Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 6:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Adele Wyndham & Ensign La Forge

Mission: Little Things
Location: Main Shuttle Bay - Borgified Danube-classRunabout
Timeline: OOC: This is a slight back log set prior to the most recent plot log.

La Forge was letting the Chief Engineer complete access to every system on her Runabout. She tilted her head as she walked along the exterior of her little ship. She knew something was wrong with her, but her systems still showed nothing wrong. The Errant Program and this odd feeling within her Human digestive system. This was still new to her and it defied everything the Borg knows of Humanoids. That only made the feeling within her Human digestive system more intense. Then with the silence from Hugh and the Others, it only made things worse. She turned when she heard the doors to the main Shuttlebay open again.

Adele had received a call that the ship's guest--the other one, not one of the children running about--had requested her presence. She was curious as to why and had made her way to the shuttlebay as soon as her schedule was free. Seeing La Forge, she smiled politely and walked over. "I heard you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, I need to request your assistance." La Forge said trying to figure out how to ask about this Errant Program. She looked at the Runabout, briefly, before she returned her attention to the woman. "I meet with one of the ship's Marines, and after that meeting, I started my Regeneration cycle." She looked past the woman. "The chamber detected an Errant Program start to run, but none of the diagnostics can detect an issue, besides all the Borg Transponders are down. This is causing something within my Human digestive system, and it concerns me."

"Would you like to find somewhere more private to speak?" Adele offered. Even if this was an unusual patient, she still didn't usually conduct these sort of meetings in the middle of an option shuttlebay.

La Forge tilted her head which caused her hair to cascade over her shoulder. "Would I like to find somewhere more private to speak?" She said. "I'm not familiar with this concept. If you wish...." She stopped and looked at the runabout again. "USS Minerva's Chief Engineer and his team is working on the systems of my home."

Noted. Privacy was not a concept here. "It's not my wish so much as yours, whether you wish to discuss these matters and concerns where others can hear it or if you would like to speak where others are not."

"There is an Errant Program that is....." La Forge stopped as a large yawn hit her again. She shook her head afterwards. She looked at the various guards as they stood within the room. Then a curious sensation came over her and it showed on her face, it was fear. "This Errant program is causing issues with my Bio-neural matrix." She stated right before another yawn hit her.

The yawning stood out to Adele, although for difference reasons than it might have with someone else. "Is yawning common for you?"

"Yawning?" La Forge asked as she ran a database search. "I have no information on 'Yawning'. What is yawning?" She asked with a tilt of her head, and a sense of wonder in her cybernetic eyes. "I think that has something to do with that Errant Program within my bio-neural matrix."

"Tell me more about this...errant program," Adele said. "At least, what you know."

"Unknown." La Forge stated. "My Regeneration chamber discovered the Errant Program running. It was force to end my Regeneration cycle early. Every time I attempt to run a self diagnostic or a diagnostic on my runabout, it doesn't find it, but my chamber still holds the record of the program." She stated as the fear returned to her face. "I believe that this Errant Program has caused my transponders to shutdown. I had accessed the last time I was able to hear Hugh and his Collective, and it was right after my report that I had made contact with the Federation forces here."

Adele nodded slowly. This was certainly one of her more...unusual challenges as a counselor. "And that's what they are working on?" She gestured at the engineers. "Trying to find the source of the errant program?"

"Yes." La Forge answered right away. Then she tilted her head slightly as she bought up the file from her Regeneration cycle. She found it odd that the file was fragmented. "It seems that the file is fragmented, but I will tell you what I can." She closed her eyes as she activated the program. "It started her in the Minerva's shuttlebay, but it was quiet. When I attempted to leave the bay, I saw that I had standard Borg attachments upon my limbs." She tilted her head again. "Fragment detected, unable to access this information, moving to next accessible data." She stated. "I was on the world that I was created. The others where Regenerating, when I attempted to awaken them, they just vanished." She said as she opened her eyes. "Fragment detected, unable to access this information, moving to next accessible data." She stated again. "Then there was something dealing with phaser and Borg direct energy blasts." Then she brought her attention fully onto the woman. "This is all I can access from this file. This is unusual as Borg archive all data, and anything incomplete is purged from the system, it seems that this file was pulled from my biological storage areas within my bio-neural matrix."

"It sounds like a dream," Adele commented after several moments of considering what she had just been told. "That fragmented, incoherent mental narrative that most species experience while asleep."

She ran another search of her database. "Borg don't dream." She said. "We also don't sleep. We enter a Regeneration cycle for 6 hours, and this allows us to run 36 hours without issues. This allows us time to repair our implants and biological systems." La Forge stated. "I'm sure with I enter my next Regeneration cycle, this file will be purged from active and archived memory." She said. "Unless another Errant Program starts to run again, then more data will be collected."

Adele listened, nodding. "If you're sure that you don't dream and it will be purged, why did you call me?"

"I called you, because something about this Errant Program has made me..... I don't know what it is." La Forge said with some concern. "I feel something here in my biological digestive systems." She rested her hand on her stomach.

"Have you talked to the CMO?" Adele asked next.

"I will be doing that soon." La Forge said. "I want to see if you could identify if this Errant Program is affecting my personality matrix."

Adele, truthfully, felt a little at a loss. This woman was unlike any patient she'd had before. "I may be able to," she finally agreed, "but my job is not quite as...straightforward as an engineer's or even a medical doctor's when it comes to looking for problems. You and I will need to talk more, and you'll need to help me understand how your personality matrix works, where the integrations between organic and machine occur."

La Forge tilted her head slightly, which caused her hair to fall over her shoulder, as she looked at Adele. "My personality matrix was developed as I was growing. As for the integration between organic and machine, it just is. If you remove the cybernetics from me, the organics fail and die."

This was going to be a problem. "Every psychologist needs to talk with a patient in depth to learn their individual mentalities and mental state. I cannot simply tell you, right here and now, what potential psychological issue you might be facing, so I would recommend checking with engineering and medical first--as you're doing--and if they cannot help, then we'll need to have some more meetings to discuss the issue so I can get to know you and then help you figure out what's going on. It is not a fast process, for anyone."

"This is something I'm not familiar with. If I'm allowed to stay, then I would need to speak more with you about life on the USS Minerva." La Forge stated.

"I'll be available to do so," Adele said with a smile. "I'd like to help."

"You would be the first to say a such thing to me, a Borg." La Forge said with another curious look on her face.

Adele considered this for a moment before offering a small shrug. "I suppose so, but I help people of all sorts. It's what I do."

"Why?" La Forge asked as she was confused by how she was acting.

"It's my profession," Adele explained. "And something of a calling. It's what I am best qualified and trained to do: help people."

"I'm not people, I am Borg." La Forge said a bit confused. "I will need help to start to understand those around me." She looked down at her hands as they slowly open and closed.

Adele chuckled quietly. "People, I use to refer to sentient beings. You may not be human, but neither is the ship's captain nor a large component of the crew. But we all talk, think, interact with one another. And thus everyone needs help of some sort, and I supply what help I am able to. I believe I can help you get to understand those around you on this ship. Help you acclimate." She would not use the word assimilate. Too obvious.

"Will that help me into integrate into the crew of the USS Minerva?" La Forge asked, as she didn't use the word assimilate as well.

"I believe it can help you integrate, yes," Adele said with a smile. "It will take a little time, though."

"A Marine, a NCO, suggested that I don't use the word assimilate while referring to the crew of the Minerva." La Forge admitted. "I've accessed my linguistics database, looking for other similar meaning words, that seem less...." She pondered the next words carefully. "Frightful, scary, or intimidating." She finally stated. "Did correctly use the proper word that isn't assimilate?"

"Yes," the counselor reassured her with a nod. "You made a good choice."

"I'm actively attempting to adopt to living with the crew of the USS Minerva." La Forge stated.

Adele smiled. "I think I can help you with that."

La Forge had many questions to ask, but she didn't want to tax this woman to much. "Perhaps you can answer more questions, when they come up. Once the Captain frees me, I will begin integration into the crew."


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