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PLOT LOG - Murphy's Law

Posted on Fri Mar 5th, 2021 @ 4:37pm by Captain Cecilia Rau & Commander Bente Romaine

Mission: Little Things

Edward Morrisson--Eddie to his friends--hated the Marines. He hated Starfleet. He hated everything that had anything to do with either of them.

Somewhere in his mind, he knew it had been a dumb move he'd pulled in the corridor with those two officers, but he wasn't really always known for his impulse control. At fourteen, it wasn't exactly an installed feature in his still-maturing mind. He'd been a pretty angry kid since he'd been put on the Nightengale.

After all, they didn't really know that his parents were dead. They were just missing, and maybe, they were still out there!

That other ship had been bad enough, but this one was clearly even worse.

Eddy had spent his entire life on Starfleet ships, primarily with his mother--a chief engineer. He had paid attention and picked up a lot over those years, and he had the fantastic idea that now was the time to put it to use. If Starfleet was going to give up on his parents and put him through this sort of crap, then he just had to go about things on his own, didn't he?

This ship was running pretty thin on crew in the first place, and now several of them were playing babysitter. There was also that Borg in the shuttlebay that had the eye of security...

...which all added up to Edward Morrisson being able to get into the shuttlebay and into one of the smaller shuttles. A few tricks got the doors open, and he managed to get the shuttle out into space before anyone could stop him. He was going to find his parents all by himself, if he had to, and no one was going to get in his way!

=/\= Bridge, USS Minerva

"Commander, we're having an unauthorized shuttle launch," the junior officer at Ops suddenly called out.

It jerked Bente out of the fantasies she was having about ways to get rid of the children. One way or the other. She was fine as long as they would be gone. Upon the alert though, she sat up straight in the center seat she was occupying as Rau currently wasn't there. She probably was mountain lioning scaring people and kids.

"Hail it!"

A few moments passed. "They're receiving our hails, but they're ignoring it."

"Put a tractor beam on it!" Bente was on her feet by now.

"Sir, I, I...," the Ensign stammered.

Bente approached his station as precious time was getting lost. "Yes?"

"The.. tractor beams. Sir. They're down for maintenance. Nobody expected we'd need them now."

Great! Bente thought to herself. "Transporters?"

The jibberish from the Ensign told her enough. "Also down, eh? What life signs do you read?"--meanwhile-- "Captain Rau, report to the bridge, we've got a situation."

As it happened, Rau was just getting accustomed to not being a flying squirrel anymore when she got the call to go to the bridge. A situation. Right. Of course. Because why not. She tapped her comm badge. "On my way," she said, jumping up and taking wing. She soared through the ship's corridors to reach the nearest turbolift, then stood on little raven fit as she waited for it to reach the bridge, then she flew out and dropped into the captain's seat--moving from bird to human right above the captain's chair. "What's the situation, Commander?"

Luckily Bente had vacated the seat in the heat of the moment. She glared at the Captain for a moment, mostly to recover from The Entrance she'd made, but then moved on. Now wasn't the time or the place for this. "Ensign? Life signs?" she snapped, losing her patience with the jibbering Ensign.

"One human male," he finally replied.

Bente kept her eyes on Rau. "We've got an unauthorized shuttle launch. Tractor beam and transporters are both down for maintenance," she concluded with a sigh, making a mental note to check with whomever had planned those two to be maintained simultaneously.

Rau let out a low growl. "I'm aware of our maintenance issues," she commented, then a little louder. "Do we have any idea who is in that shuttle and how they fuck they managed to get off this ship without authorization?"

"They're not answering hails," Bente shook her head, wondering who would take a shuttle. That is, who else besides herself to escape from the kids. The kids.. "It's a fucking teenager."

"It's just for a few days, they said. It'll be fine, they said," Cecilia grumbled angrily for a moment. "Keep hailing that damned shuttle and set in a pursuit course. Tell engineering I need tractor beam or transporters as of yesterday or someone is losing body parts. Send a message to the admiral that the inmates are escaping the asylum."

The pilot at the Helm didn't waste time in maneuvering the ship to stick close to the shuttle. Its flight path was erratic, meaning that the pilot was either very unexperienced or very drunk. But it did make it hard for a bigger ship like Minerva to stick close without endangering both ships. As a little time went by, the shuttle seemed to steady out, and so did Minerva's pursuit course. "This is as close as I can safely keep us, ma'am," Helm called over his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Bente had walked over to stand besides the very green Ensign. "No ETA on transporters or tractor beam, Captain. It'll be fifteen minutes at the very least," she called out the reports that came in, no longer relying on the Ensign to get it right.

"The entire engineering department is fired," Cecilia growled. "Keep on top of that shuttle until we get back--"

Their pursuit had, unfortunately, taken them away from the safety of the herd. They were now isolated. The convoy was not that far back, but it was still far enough...

"I have another ship coming into range at high speed," came the announcement.

"Who is it?" the captain ordered.

"Unknown at this time, but their flight path is...aggressive. I think they are about to--"

The ship rocked violently before Rau or Romaine even had the chance to order shields up to avoid that first hit. "About to fire?" Rau snapped. "Red alert! Shields up. Evasive maneuvers. Try to keep that shuttle in sight but we have other problems first. Who is firing at us! And keep them away from the shuttle."

Hit after hit, phasers and torpedoes, hit Minerva before anyone could react.

Bente hadn't been able to brace herself and had slammed hard into the console she'd been standing next to. With a groan, holding her side with one hand and using the other to steady herself, she crossed the bridge until she dropped down in her own chair. "They're not transmitting any code," she tried to get over the noise to the Captain sitting next to her.

Shields were failing as the hits kept coming and the bridge filled with smoke. The Ensign had long given up on trying to make sense of everything he was seeing. So, aside from the loud noises, the center of the ship was oddly devoid of voices.

"They're boarding!" someone from the back finally shouted over the noise.

With a curse, Bente scrolled through alerts on her console. "We're reading transporter signals on almost every deck. Our shields are gone. We never even got off a proper shot. They've tractored the shuttle in their bay. We're--" she didn't get to finish her report as the sound of a transporter beam reached her ears.


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