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Defense of the Bay

Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2021 @ 6:57pm by Gunnery Sergeant Jasen Calin & Ensign La Forge

Mission: Little Things

Jasen was dressed only in basic Marine green when he existed the adjacent door to a small room that hosted nearly 30 young children.
He’d been in the middle of a history class when the ship had pretty much gone through an space-born quake. He’d done his best to ensure calm but he situation demanded his attention. The young private who had been his aide was then placed in command of the children as he excused himself.

Two seconds passed and ….

The deck shook as what he assumed was phaser fire struck the ship’s hull. He’d been in an adjacent room in the bay with a group of young children when everything when apeshit.

Four Marines and four Fleet security officers stood around the runabout he approached. All but the young Starfleet LT saluted as Jasen approached. He saluted in return to the fleet LT and then promptly demanded a report.

“Deck two sir, and making their wya here …” said one Marine private.

“I want all the photon charges we have on hand one foot from the bay door, targeted to non-crew-member DNA and all that shit, now!”

If there was ever a miracle, now was the one to prove it. As the ranking NCO, Jasen was responsible for overseeing armaments. And that included screening through every freaking person’s biological profile with use of both stupid and smart algorithms.

But it wouldn’t be enough … and he brushed past the runabout’s guard and pounded the communications panel.

Jasne only nodded as he shoved a phaser rifle into La Forge’s hands. He then gave the order. Sharply.

Within seconds, 30 children where funneled into the main bay. All of them, human, Denobulan, Vulcan, Tellarite,Xindin and others … revealed all the signs of fear for their age.
A Marine lance corporal was herding them … and … Jasen spoke.

“Kiddos, into the runnabout now,” he said simply. “Lance Corporal Majden will teach you about Borg technology … and how Enterprise-D freed members of the Collective from a bad man.”

The human Marine and 30 children were quick to board the runabout. It was at point Jasen ordered a 90-minute command jettison of the bay.

Sparks flared up at the bay doors … and as Jasen pointed his phaser at it, he muttered to the Borg … “Don’t suppose you’re up for a cup of coffee after this …”

“La Forge, out ere now,” he said sharply. “As a guest of this ship, you’ve been drafted into the Starfleet Marine Corps … fuck everything, you are provisionally promoted to lhance corporal and my second.”

A few close Marines raised an eyebrow and one asked a “sir?” question.

“This bay holds Borg tech and 30 children, Marines,” he said sharply. “Our Borg guest can at least scare the shit out of some of the invaders with whatever she can give And I have 30 children behind us, so if La Forge can serve in defense of this ship and lead should I fall .. those kiddos remain my only priority now.”

La Forge had exited the Runabout after being summoned by the Marine. "Get the Kiddos into the Runabout." She stated as a greenish field appeared around the Runabout. "I will assist how I can. What or who is attacking the USS Minerva?" She asked looking at the Security attachment placing the charges.

Jasne only nodded as he shoved a phaser rifle into La Forge’s hands. He then gave the order. Sharply.

Within seconds, 30 children where funneled into the main bay. All of them, human, Denobulan, Vulcan, Tellarite,Xindin and others … revealed all the signs of fear for their age.
A Marine lance corporal was herding them … and … Jasen spoke.

“Kiddos, into the runnabout now,” he said simply. “Lance Corporal Majden will teach you about Borg technology … and how Enterprise-D freed members of the Collective from a bad man.”

The human Marine and 30 children were quick to board the runabout. It was at point Jasen ordered a 90-minute command jettison of the bay.

Sparks flared up at the bay doors … and as Jasen pointed his phaser at it, he muttered to the Borg … “Don’t suppose you’re up for a cup of coffee after this …”

La Forge looked at the phaser rifle in her hands. She extended her Assimilation Tendrils, and they pierced the Rifle casing. Within moments she had reconfigured it and linked to her systems. "I don't understand your question?" She asked as the iris' of her eyes turned to the standard Borgish green. "Also, what is attacking?"

A Bajoran private snickered at the newly minced NCO’s question. “I believe the gunney is asking you out on a date, ma’am,” the Marine stated respectfully
Jasen might have sharply rejected such assertions but the shuttle bay doors were apparently becoming less… secure.

“Sir, to the lance corporal’s question, it’s a mix of Ferengi and Nausicaans and a few other species.”

“How many,” Jasen asked.

“Twenty, sir.”

Jasen swore in ancient Greek and then reprogrammed his rifled. “I want maximum spread at that fucking door. The second they break through, I want all of them flopping on the floor or otherwise stunned.”

He looked back at the runabout. “Within a three-quarters range of this runabout, you will switch to lethal defense. Within five feet, you will switch hand to hand and bayonets.”

He looked at La Forge. “And I will authorize our lance corporal to perform localized assimilation if necessary, if she is able.”

Some of the Marines looked at him in question. He nodded gravely.

“There are children aboard and Borg technology protecting them. We protect both at all costs. We are Starfleet and we die protecting the future of those who come after us. Marines, who are we!”

“USMC!” most of the defenders echoed. “Who do we defend!” “THE FEDERATION!”

Jasen smiled slightly. “We live forever only in the deeds we do and lives we protect, and for what?”

“FOR THE FEDERATION, FOR STARFLEET, FOR THE …” the barrage ended from the Marines down to the Bajoran … “for the families, children and souls of all.”

The doors pried open and the first of the intruders entered.

“Fire!” was all Jasen said as he did so with his own rifle.

La Forge just looked at Jasen as she wasn't use to getting ordered around. She just tilted her head slight as she raised the Phaser Rifle, one handed, and started to rapid fire at the first few through the door. The only oddness of the phaser blasts, where they where not the typical orange, but Borg green. "I will not assimilate anyone, unless it is willing."

The Borg’s words echoed in Jasen’s ears as he fired his rifle at the first fuckers that entered his docking bay.
In the brief moments that existed, Jasen briefly turned the lance corporal to him and he planted a solid kiss on her lips
And then the moment was over. Within a matter of a minute, three Ferigi and four Nausicans were dead. As the opposition was smarter — his Marines were deploying displacement fields and point-blank fires — there was little resistance.

But still, they pushed through … and they would overwhelm the few Starfleet soldiers at hand …
“Privates Sajen, Corel and Savati, with me,” he shouted …

The defense was immediate …. and enough. …The enemy beaten backed … Jasen downed by fire from a Nausican. …
“Surrender or you will be assimilated into the Minerva collective,” he shouted. As an acting NCO, Jasen's voice carried across the bay. “I have a Borg among my arsenal and your matter will be added to our collective..."

Jasen hesitated before nodding toward La Forge. “Protect the children, protect my bay … “ and then he went down, black.

The sudden kiss by Jasen did shock her, but she will inquire more about it when the bay is safe. She had taken several direct hits from the weapons, which had allowed her adoptive shields to adapt to the energy weapons. She accessed the Runabout and closed it up and to reconfigure the shields to project them over the open door. She looked at the various down Marines, and saw that they still had life signs.

She turned and walked towards the open bay doors. She saw several of them adjusting their weapons to kill. They fired at the shield, but found that is wasn't effective. They where surprised when she walked straight through the shields. They all got several shoots off, before she grabbed the first one and slammed them into the wall. She managed to get a hold of the second one, to just get a blade into her ribs. This caused her to grunt in pain, but she twisted her hand and it caused his neck to snap. Letting the body hit the floor she turned towards the third man, just to get several blasts to the back. This caused her to spin to fire the Phaser Rifle. She managed to get off a single blast as a huge Nausican swung his blade and cutting the Rifle in half.

La Forge stumbled back a few steps, and retracted her Assimilation Tendrils, and dropped the rest of the Rifle. The Nausican took this chance to charge at her, swinging his sword. This forced her to back petal a few more feet, dodging the blows. Once she spotted an opening she threw a punch that shattered the Nausican's rib cage. When she dropped the body, she looked around for his companions, but had discovered that they retreated away from the bay. With a shake of her head she walked into the Shuttlebay again. Stopping long enough to grab the emergency med kit hidden under the main console in the room. She walked over the Jasen and ran another scan of him. Using the Federation Medkit, she administered a medication to awaken him, and to stabilize his wounds. She still had the dagger sticking out of her side as she waited for the man to awaken, because she now had questions.

Being hit by a particle weapon on stun was like being smacked by a ton of bricks. No matter how many times Jasen had been through the experience, it ended up the same: a freaking headache when he was woken up.

Only, in this case, it wasn’t in sickbay or on some distant planet. It was in the Minerva’s shuttle bay and he had no immediate idea of his …

The blurred face of a young woman looking at him jogged his memory and he swore something inaudible in Greek. There were some things he would just not be able to live down …

Movement flickered in his eye and a great blurred hulk was moving, something raised as if to attack. Mostly on instinct, the gunney quickly picked up his nearby rifle and fired. He heard a sharp grunt before the thing hulking form fell down.

“I fucking hate unwelcome guests,” Jasen muttered. “Report.”

"He would have expired within a few moments as his rib cage was crushed." La Forge stated as she stood back up. "Your injuries where not that expansive." She said offering her hand. "I have questions now."

Jasen grunted at the Borg’s question as his vision began to settle. "Of course she has questions," he muttered. It was at that point he noticed the Naussican knife sticking from her side.

Using his rifle to pick himself up and stand, the gunnery sergeant pointed to a nearby container before retrieving a medical kit. The chances of another incursion coming through was unlikely.

“Sit down and you can ask while I treat,” he said simply. His tone indicated it wasn’t a request, but an order.

La Forge looked at the Gunnery Sergeant with an odd look. "Treat what?" She asked as she moved over to a nearby container.

Jasen shook his head and pointed to the serrated piece of metal sticking from the Borg’s ribs. He broke out the medical scanner and began examining the wound.

“Even a Klingon would be complaining about something not so trivial as this,” he said. “You had questions?”

The knife had pierced her lung and did some damage to her stomach. She reached over and ripped out the dagger, which caused more damage, but it seems to be starting to nit itself back again. La Forge only looked at the dagger before she dropped it onto the floor. "Why did you press your lips to mine?" She flatly asked as she looked at him again.

La Forge moved faster than Jasen could act and soon the knife was on the floor. He reached for the dermal regenerator, but both his eyes and the medical scanner showed the wound began … well, healing itself.

“Borg ingenuity,” he muttered. He did retrieve a dermal regenerator and an hydrospray with the appropriate medication and handed it to La Forge. “If you don’t find your regenerative properties sufficient, apply these tools. I’m no expert, but I could hazard a guess the farther you’re away from your bond with Hugh’s group, the less effective your Borg bag of tricks will be.”

He reached for his rifle, again using it to push himself up as he began looking at his Marines and the Starfleet security officers. It seemed all his Marines and most of the Fleet survived, based on the signals from the scanner — except for the bloody lieutenant. His body lay five feet from Jasen, a Naussican knife in the eye … and a Starfleet K-bar inserted in the enemy’s throat.

“Aphrodite’s blessing, the kiss,” Jasen said simply. “Sign of affection. I thought I was going to die, so I kissed you, something to remember as I entered Elysium. I had intended … well anticipated … the kiss if you had said yes to a date.”

Jasen bent down and pulled the knife from the Starfleet LT and then closed the man’s eyes. “You were always a pain in the ass, LT, but you deserved better. May your gods ferry you home.”

La Forge followed Jasen to the Starfleet Lieutenant as he did his prayer. She was confused by the man's words, but she didn't say anything as he said them. "A date?" She finally said when he was finished. "An activity that is a show of interest in another. A precursor to an intimate relationship that leads to reproducing an offspring? Am I wrong on what your desire is?"

Jasen looked up at La Forge in curiosity before he stood, picking up the LT's phaser rifle.

"Yes ... well no ... both, some of it," Jasen said. "A date can lead to intimate relations and some of those occasions do lead to ... family. But it's all complex. Some dates are just one or a few occasions to end if there is no mutual attraction. Others lead to ... more intense relationships that span years. Some culminate in children."

Jasen tilted his head. "Then there are scenarios where two people of the same sex or gender — such as humans in one case — are attracted one another and can lead to intimate encounters. In many — not all — reproduction is not always the end result."

He took a step closer to La Forge, the phaser rifle lowered at his side. "I'm interested in you, Lance Corporal, but let's just say for now, I'd rather take things a step at a time ... "

He didn't finish his statement as he saw the Klingon coming in through the breached bay door. La Forge was facing partially away but Jasen had a full scope ... including the thrown bat'leth and the drawn disruptor pistol.

Both were aimed at the Borg's direction ... and he quickly shoved her out of the way and raised his rifle. The bladed sword struck him full on just as he fired ... and the weapon fire was directed upward, bitting a support beam that then plunked down on the Klingon with enough force to nearly cut him in half.

The single disruptor blast also caught Jasen squarely in the chest ... he staggered back, rifle dropping to the ground.

He looked up La Forge ... "It would have been a nice first date ... " He smiled briefly. "Live your life kiddo, and embrace the gift Hugh gave you. Choose for yourself. If you were sent here to aid the Federation ... realize it stood for individuality ..."

And then nothing.

The Marine NCO of the Minerva was dead.

La Forge stood there for a few moments longer. Something deep inside of her stirred. She knelt down next to the man and closed his eyes, and repeated the words he said earlier. "May your gods ferry you home." Then she reached over and picked up the phaser rifle. Her tendrils extended and pierced the casing of the weapon. Within 30 seconds of this piercing the rifle showed signs of extensive Borgification, and she retracted her tendrils. She went to another of the downed Security officers and awoke him. "Remain here and awaken the others. The shields of the runabout will hold this bay." She said as the shields flickered again as they came back online.

"Where are you going?" The Security officer said weakly as he say the dead NCO.

La Forge was half turned, but looked at the man, as she pointed the rifle towards the ceiling. "I believe more intelligent races call it..." She paused for a moment. "Hunting. All none Federation personnel and citizens will be eradicated."

"Are you going to assimilate them?" The officer asked with some more strength.

"No!" She said with some force. "I will not assimilate anyone unless it is of their own free will, and even then I will think about it." La Forge said as she turned and jogged from the bay. Leaving the confused Security officer sitting there, just to hear weapons fire down the hall.

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