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The Firefight Upstairs

Posted on Fri Mar 26th, 2021 @ 7:12pm by Captain Cecilia Rau & Commander Bente Romaine

Mission: Little Things
Location: Bridge

At least four transporter beams, that Bente could see at least, materialized on the Bridge simultaneously. Two near the front, and two near the back. An Akira class vessel, regardless of the type of refit, had a relatively large Bridge compared to the rest of the ship. Not all stations had been manned when the shuttle had escaped the ship. Maintenance had obviously kept all the Engineers away. There was a helm officer present. At the back, the tactical and operations officers were both present, but they were very junior - as Bente had experienced first hand moments before. The stations lining the side of the Bridge had been unoccupied. With the presence of the command team, CO and XO, it gave them a 5 to 4 advantage.

Or not.

As the beams finalized, she saw that each beam comprised of two pirates. Mostly Ferengi, but there were also others in the mix. Five to eight suddenly had them outnumbered almost two to one.

Reaching for the phaser behind her armrest, Bente flinched at the stab she felt where she had hit the console during the ship's fight.

Cecilia Rau was not, nor had she ever been, a woman prone to fear. No, her go-to emotion was always anger. Like right now, as righteous indignation flared through her at the very thought that these people had the audacity to view her ship as weak and try to take it.

Well, she'd show them how wrong they were.

The first beam hadn't even fully realized before she was in the air. Her feet hit the ground right in front of the newly-arrived body, but the marauder--human, perhaps, though she didn't bother looking too close--no longer faced a pissed-off ship's captain but a...

Gorilla. One of the really big ones from Earth. Which now roared into the very shocked expression of the pirate, because really, who beams over to loot a ship and finds one of these? Naturally, she took advantage of this. She grabbed his jacket with both thick hands and forcibly threw his head into the head of his fellow with a somewhat resounding crack.

Bente was glad she hadn't fired the phaser based on what she'd assumed would be happening because she would've fired straight at the gorilla.

Instead, she aimed at the intruders at the back of the bridge and fired. With a few shots down, she tried hauling herself out of her chair to join in the skirmish, but immediately sagged down again. Yeah. No. That wasn't going to happen. So she simply aimed her phaser again.

After the shock wore off, one of the intruders--who wasn't laying in the concussed pile--took aim at the big beast. He fired his phaser and it slid through the edge of the dark primate's beefy shoulder, which just made Dakota spin around with a roar. She rushed at the one with the gun, who promptly dodged out of the way and instead tried the supremely stupid maneuver of leaping on her back. She immediately responded by leaping back, crushing the intruder between her heavy body and the wall for a moment before shifting into a smaller creature and skittering away to let the man fall to the deck.

The gorilla still had everything under control, so Bente took a few shots at those intruders that were still standing.

It didn't take long for the Starfleet officers to gain an obvious upper hand over the bad guys.

Once things started to look like they were getting the advantage is naturally when things took another surprise turn. An errant phaser beam heading toward where Rau's previously-large form had been caught a control panel, sending sparks out into the air. None of them could know it at the time, of course, but the bridge ended up suddenly being a lot, and a lot less secure, at the same time. The captain had just returned to human form and put another intruder to the ground when she said, "Shouldn't we have reinforcements by now? Or are they under maintenance too?!"

Bente lowered her phaser and looked down at her console. It felt like she wasn't doing anything at all but firing a phaser and checking her console. Meanwhile, she started to become vaguely aware of a blossoming pain in her abdomen that started to radiate out. The adrenalin had probably shielded her from it until then. As she read, she let out a few. "I could give you a long list of what doesn't work anymore, but suffice it to say we don't have to expect any reinforcements any time soon," she spoke, her jaw set and her tone clipped because of the pain.

"Bloody great," Rau growled, shifting human-bird-human to leap over the back console on the bridge and land on an intruder who was trying to access their system. "Anything to make sure we inhibit any more guests coming in?" After all, she knew their own transporters didn't need access.

"The phaser hit that blew the console activated a force field..." Bente started to reply. In her head, she added 'So there's nobody going in or out for a while, friend or foe', but the words remained stuck in her throat as she closed her eyes with a pained sigh.

Another intruder went over the back of a chair. Rau noticed her XO after that, the look and body language. "What's wrong, Commander?" she asked, the words taut as she was already surveying for the next enemy to go at.

Bente forced her eyes open with another breathe. The Bridge was mostly clear of intruders, but there were a few left. They had better things to do than she being hurt, so she pushed herself in a more sitting position so she could aim again while ignore her body's protests as the did so. "Slammed into the console, I'll be fine," she replied as she fired another shot.

Rau wasn't quite sure she believed the commander, but there was only so much she could do at that moment. Her predatory gaze swept around the bridge and was mostly contented with the fact that almost all the intruders were down. Mostly turned into totally when she vaulted over the helm console--narrowly missing the officer still in its vicinity--and knocking out the only intruder left standing. Now victorious, the woman stood to the full height of her chosen human form and was about to--

The ship rocked violently to one side. It was so violent, in fact, that everyone was thrown to one side. Even Rau, with her considerable muscle bulk as well as good balance was tossed on her ass. "What the hell!?"

=/\= Main Engineering

"Someone get him out of there!" Lieutenant Winters was hollering from his office, where he'd been unceremoniously trapped by a goon with a phaser rifle. Rory was no fighter, but he was doing his best. However, he knew that he was stuck in here while there was someone hacking into an auxiliary control station that affected the piloting of the ship. It was made a little easier by some necessary hacks they'd recently done to their own ship trying to fix a variety o issues caused by being so short-staffed.

One good hack deserves another, but the one paying the price was the Minerva. All the crew inside were just small stones in a box, about to be shaken to hell.


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