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A Borg, a Doctor, and a Phaser

Posted on Tue Sep 1st, 2020 @ 9:08pm by Lieutenant Commander Dina Vossiborn & Lieutenant Lewis Daniels & Ensign La Forge

Mission: Gods of War
Location: Main Sickbay

La Forge just followed the larger woman in silence to the Sickbay of the Minerva. She did make note of all the personnel that was looking at her. She was an oddity, and she knew it. She also knew that many of them had heard that she was a Borg, a very unusual Borg. She wondered how everyone is going to treat her, if she is allowed to stay. She already has spotted the more negative emotions that most humanoids show when they encounter a hostile race.

Lewis was enjoying a nice cup of coffee as he settled into his shift for the day, he was aware of several patients and things he needed to attend to throughout the day but for the moment he could take a moment to sit back and watched the people around him work from his office.

Dina led La Forge towards and into sickbay, second time in a day she'd been here. "Doc Daniels?" she called out.

Lewis did all he could not to roll his eyes as he stood up from his desk and head into the main part of sick bay. "If its the arm again I'm going to amputate and give you a prosthetic." Lewis said as he crossed to the chief. "Good morning Commander, at least I assume it is I haven't finished my fifth coffee as yet." He said looking at La Forge with a raised eyebrow. "What can I help you with?" He asked.

Dina just gave the doctor a flat look, as before. He was going to be so much fun to work with, she could tell. "This is - " She paused a moment, glancing at La Forge. "You know, I didn't catch your name. Anyways, this Borg wants to be a member of the crew. Captain wants her checked over for any hidden surprises. Tracking devices, weapons, things like that."

La Forge looked at the large person. "My designation was stated several times, but for the Chief Medical Officer of the Minerva, I will restated." Then she turned her silver cybernetic eyes on the Doctor. "I'm La Forge of the..." She pondered for a moment. "Hugh's Borg." She finished. "I have removed my directed energy weapon, and given it over. My other systems can not be shutdown as they are integrated into my bio-neural makeup." She stated as a clear green field formed around her and then disappeared. "I have, temporarily, shutdown my scanner scrambler. I can upload a complete schematic of my bio-cybernetic systems."

Lewis looked at the commander with a raised eye brow, "Borg, are we at the point where we will accept the help of the Breen as well?" He asked then turned his attention without waiting for an answer or wanting one for that matter. "Schematics!" What on earth had been done to this teenager as he opened up his tricorder. "Commander is their anything specific you are looking for or is this a treasure hunt through a teenagers physical readings?" He asked.

"The Captain's made a decision to give her a chance, provided she can convince us she's no threat. Like carrying any concealed weapons, bombs or nerve agents. Didn't think that needed explaining but there it is," Dina replied flatly, folding her arms over each other and leaning back against a bulkhead. "Schematics can easily be doctored, La Forge. Give me ten minutes and I could present you with one that says I'm made of marshmallow, would you trust that?"

La Forge turned to look at the large, gruff Person. The Iris' of her silver eyes turned that Borg green as she looked over Dina. "I know not what marshmallow is, but by scans show that you are a biological creature." She said as she turned back to the Doctor. "I was sent by Hugh to aid the remaining Federation Forces, as payment for the aid rendered twice to him." She stated.

"An ex-Borg and weapons/bombs/bio weapons/nerve agents. You know about nanites right." He said as he glanced at the chief of security a raised eye brow in her direction. A snort of laughter escaped his lips at the suggestion of a marshmellow chief of security. He refrained however from making a comment though he did roll his eyes. He started his scans running a sensor up and down La Forge's body smiling all the while. The Commander not withstanding he could be nice when he wanted to be, with people who were willing to look after themselves not take stupid risks with their bodies and minds.

"Commander congratulations, you brought someone on board who could quite possibly give a Klingon nightmares." Lewis said looking up from his tricorder. "You should give this to the chief in engineering, I'm a doctor not a bioengineer. Nanites are going to be useful and potentially dangerous likewise lethal if someone is alergic to them. Brainwaves the likes of which I haven't seen before but then I am not a neuro surgeon. A weapons port on her arm which is self explanatory. I wouldn't like to speculate what the limbs can do. Most of this young ladies biomechanical structure would be considered a weapon." Lewis said to Dina he then turned to face her. "My medical opinion is she's fit for duty, if I try to take most of this out surgically I'm probably going to kill her in the process." Lewis informed her.

"I know more about nanites than you seem to understand about rank and insubordination, Lieutenant," Dina snarled, narrowing her eyes at Daniels. "And frankly I've had more than enough smart-ass comments from you, so you can just stow the attitude, or I will have you on report. Do I make myself perfectly clear, Lieutenant?"

"Perfectly Ma'am" He replied courteously before turning his attention to his patient and his priority. "La Forge, I think I have everything I need to make a recommendation. There is nothing here that would make her an immediate threat, beyond what you already knew Commander. Check back with me regularly La Forge, I will be keeping a close an eye on you medically as needed." Lewis said to the younger woman.

La Forge blinked a few times at the Doctor. "I am not an Ex-Borg. I am a Borg." She stated. "I am experimental. My systems have adapted to assimilating of Soong-type android technology. As for medical needing to be check, my nanites are fully capable of keeping my bio-systems living and healthy." They she turned her attention to Dina. "When do I begin assimilating into the crew?"

"Go by the Quartermaster's office, he'll assign you quarters, give you replicator rights, the like. Computer should be able to tell you where to find him. As for the medical check-up, humor us. Doctor's orders, he could even put me or the captain off duty on medical reasons if he needed to," Dina explained. "Dismissed," she added before turning to the doctor and actually offering a bit of a smile, an honest one. "Thank you for your time, Doctor."

She blinked a few times at Dina. "I can stay aboard my runabout. As it houses my regeneration chamber and any thing else I would need." La Forge stated. "If this isn't acceptable, I will need access to my runabout to retrieve my regeneration chamber and be allowed to integrate it into the ship's power grind and computer system."

"You'll need to discuss that with the quartermaster. I'm the chief of security, assigning quarters and proper computer and replicator rights is not my job," Dina replied, considering a moment. "Tell you what, you tell him that you'd rather stay in your runabout, and if he agrees I'll see about setting up the necessary security measures. Gonna be keeping a close watch on you and your ship until you've proven yourself, as that's my job," she gave a nod.

La Forge just tilted her head slightly, before turning and heading out of Sickbay. She stopped long enough in the corridor to access the computer to locate the Quartermaster.

He watched the young woman leave then turned to the commander. "If that doesn't give you the Willie's Commander I don't know what will, I'll sit down with the chief myself. There is something deeply unsettling about that lady." He shuddered. "Days like today I wish I'd not give up the drink." He muttered shaking his head.

"For once I completely agree, Doctor," Dina offered, shoulders slumping a bit as she let her guard down a bit. "Wasn't my choice to let her on board. I recommend you prepare anti Borg measures, just in case. I'll see about getting some force fields set up in here, all under your full control of course." she added with a nod.

"We have medical grade forcefields, but some extra power to boost them in case we do need to subdue her is certainly on the list of things I would be happy with." Lewis said to her. "I'm going to work over what these readings revealed in more detail, maybe I can work something out or cause us both nightmares as a rolling alternative." He added. "If you'll excuse me I have patients to see and a need to distract myself from what I just read." He added.

"Thank you for your time, Doctor," Dina gave a nod before turning around to head out.


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