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Repel All Boarders!

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 1:33am by Lieutenant Jesse Stone & Commander Bente Romaine

Mission: Little Things
Location: Various

(Takes place after Murphy's Law.)

The ship had been rocked by multiple explosions.

The alarm klaxons blasting on every deck.

Then the announcement, "The ship is being boarded."

Stone put years of training and simulations to work. His people knew what to do.....and where their battle stations were.

Teams spread out, teams to main engineering, sickbay, the armory, life support and the bridge. The personnel left over, he created RRT's, Rapid Response Teams, that could quickly respond to any area.

Reports of intruders beaming onto the ship started being reported from all over the ship. Fire fights were being fought....injuries and deaths reported.

Stone took a 5 man team and headed to the bridge. As they headed to the turbo lift, a group of 4 intruders, were being beamed in before them. Once they materialized, Stone demanded their surrender, "Drop your weapons!!" One of his team was killed first. Both groups took cover and started firing at each other.

Stone took down one of the intruders, shot him or her square in the chest, or what was left of his chest.

He saw one of the intruders pull out something from their jacket. It was small and round. Immediately, Stone felt it was a grenade of some kind. As the intruder pulled their arm back, ready to throw it, Stone fired, taking the intruder's arm off....and the grenade exploded, killing the rest of this team of intruders.

Stone and his team slowly advanced towards the burning bodies. Once he saw that they were all dead, they moved past the bodies--

--only to have another group materialize close to them.

Ensign Kool was a junior Security officer. She hadn't been on the ship for long yet, having transferred in from another ship in the convoy. As the people from the Tactical department walked past her, she had joined them. She had been caught in the middle of a corridor by the attack, and it wasn't safe to stay there on her own.

"Lieutenant!" she shouted at the CTac, alerting him of the new arrivals. At the same time, she herself ducked for cover.

His team dove for cover, while Stone managed to duck behind down an adjacent corridor. He tapped his comm badge, seeing if any of the other teams were available....they were all engaged.

Stone signaled Kool to move to his position.

Trapped on the other side of the corridor, Kool tried to assess the situation. She didn't have a good angle at the intruders, so she wouldn't be able to get shots off. But the corridor was right in their aim. Looking at her superior officer, she set her jaw and made the dive. A sharp pain seared through her left arm and she let out a stream of curses as she landed next to Stone. With a glance at her arm, she let out a few more curses. "I'll be fine," she grit her teeth and took better cover.

Stone bent down to check her. "Is the arm broken, or did you land on the elbow or a nerve?"

Kool looked down at her arm. "I'm not sure, but we should focus on the boarders," she replied as the continued phaser hits made sure they all remained in cover.

Stone leaned closer to her. "While the enemy is being held here, you and I are going to circle around and attack them from behind." He looked at Kool. "You up for that?"

With a nod, Kool pulled herself in a kneeling position. "Absolutely, sir. Lead the way and I'm with you."

They took off running down the corridor, keeping an eye out for more boarders. They past two junctions, and turned down the third, which will place them behind the intruders that had the squad pinned down. Stone and Kool crept down the corridor slowly, trying not to make a sound.
When they reached the end, Stone did a quick peek and saw 4 Intruders. He looked at Kool, held up 4 fingers to indicate 4 intruders, and then me pointed to himself and held his hand high indicating that he will go high and then pointed to her and made a low motion, meaning she should go low. He made the "ok" sign, to make sure she understood.

Stone took up position, aiming his phaser at the nearest target. He held up three fingers, then 2 then 1.

The Ensign was more than happy to be picked for the low position. Her arm still hurt like hell, and this way she could steady herself better. As the Lieutenant counted down, she took a deep breathe and when no more fingers showed, she came out from her cover long enough to fire off two shots and then reaching for cover again. This continued a couple of times until at least three of the intruders were down.

Stone started walking towards the downed intruders, with his phaser still pointing in their direction. There were 4 intruders....what happened to the last one? Before starting a search, he called out to his team members, and had them start heading in his direction.

Kool fell in line and cautiously rounded every corner. They were missing one, and he couldn't just have disappeared into thin air. Behind her, where she didn't have eyes, he suddenly jumped into view and aimed his phaser straight at her--

Stone saw the missing intruder behing Kool....raised his phaser and fired.....where the intruders chest had been, was now just a gapping hole.
He walked over to her. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"What the-!" Kool exclaimed as she immediately realized what had happened. She drew a shaky breath, and then nodded. "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

Once he realized that she was fine, he laid in on her. "You could have bee killed! You could have gotten me killed! Always, ALWAYS, clear the area in front of you. You have to protect your partner!" He moved closer to her. "If you plan on staying on this ship, you better remember this. Understood!?"

Kool watched Stone carefully, and replied a tight "Yes, sir," to his question. She recognized the adrenaline for what it was because there had been no way she could've seen him coming from behind. "They're all down now," she added, to refocus his attention.

Stone looked at her. "I didn't mean to bite your head off, but in real life situations, mistakes can be fatal. Keep your head on a swivel, and you'll be okay." Stone checked his tricorder. "We're moving up to the next level. Hopefully we'll come across more of our people." He looked at the remainder of his squad. "Let's move out!" He started towards a nearby Jefferies Tube.

Just as the team got up, they were all thrown off their feet as the ship rocked violently to one side. There'd been no warning, and so no way to steady themselves. Kool was thrown into the corridor, once again landing on the arm that had already been hurt. She let out an angry and pained curse amidst the ruckus around her.

Stone had managed to hang on when the ship was rocked. Half of his team was injuried. So he crawled out of the tube, then made his way down the corridor to Kool, to check on her. He kept an eye out for any intruders.


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