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Retaking Engineering

Posted on Mon Apr 19th, 2021 @ 3:08pm by Ensign La Forge & Lieutenant Rory Winters

Mission: Little Things
Location: Main Engineering

La Forge cleared deck 11 of all hostile personnel. She accessed the main computer, using her assimilation tubules. The computer told her that the bridge was was secured and only she would be able to walk through the shields, but she wasn't needed there. Main Engineering was being swarmed by hostile personnel.

She turned to the turbolift that was nearby, but it seems that it was disabled. She pried the doors open and looked down the stopped lift. She shook her head slightly and stepped into the shaft. Her hair flared up as she fell. Within moments she hit the roof the turbolift pod. She went through it, in a hail of sparks, smoke, and shrapnel. The nanites informed her of damage to her left leg, but it was still functional. She did a visual inspection and saw that some of her Tripolymer Alloy Exo-plating was sheared off, exposing the bio-neural circuitry and bio matter.

La Forge looked up at the sound of feet running towards her. She shift the spectrum of her vision to allow her to see through the smoke. She saw a half a dozen men of various races running, but she never gave them the change to stop or raise their weapons. With her Borg enhanced reflexes, she raised her rifle and fired. The men went down into a tumbling mess. She then stepped out of the wreckage of the turbolift and start to head for where she was hearing more weapons fire.

She limped down the corridor, until she rounded a corner. La Forge spotted more hostile personnel behind several containers. She raised her weapons and fired. Two went down almost immediately, but another threw a proton grenade at her feet. The explosion threw her into the bulkhead. Her onboard systems detected greater damage to her onboard systems. Her shields have adopted the the EMP charge of the grenades, but she can only handle so much more damage.

The third person didn't know that she was still functional. The turned and started to fire into main engineering again. La Forge moved towards the man and when he turned, he was to late to to turn his weapon onto her. She grabbed him and smashed his face into the container that he was trying to hide behind. She pushed through the barricade with the man still in her hand. Once she was through she threw the man into a pair of his comrades, knocking them both out.

She turned towards the Chief Engineers Office. She was almost to his door, she took a pair of disruptor shots to the back. She spun and took a pair of shot, and took down two more hostiles. Once this was done she entered the office and saw that the CEO was pinned by another hostile. She stepped over and grabbed the man, and threw him out of the CEO's office, but he hit the door frame with a loud crack.

La Forge turned towards the CEO. Her clothing was in tatters, covered in various races blood. Even some of her exo-plating has been blown off, punctured, or sheared off. She turned quickly and fired her Borgified rifle again, as another body hit the deck. She looked down at the rifle, and then she just dropped it. She turned back to the Chief Engineer. “Are you alright?” She asked with a odd artificial sound to her voice.

Rory was still gasping for breath as the Ferengi was thrown against his door frame. They'd been locked in a skirmish for a few minutes, neither getting the upper hand. Moments before the Borg had entered his office however, the Ferengi had managed to pin him against the wall in a choke hold. Drawing in as deep a breath as possible, he uprighted himself from the kneeling position he'd found himself in. "I am, thanks. You look worse for wear yourself," he added dryly after he gave her a once over.

"I will regenerated when the ship isn't be invaded." La Forge stated. Looking at the dead man on the floor. "I'm still at 68 percent combat effectiveness." She said looking back at the Chief Engineer. "What more is needed to secure engineering?"

"All the intruders need to be subdued," Rory spoke. He could hear more phaser fire coming from his Engineering bay, so he knew that there was at least one of them still alive. "Once that's done, I need to ascertain the current ship status as soon as possible so we can defend ourselves again."

La Forge nodded at the Chief Engineer. "I will hunt this last one down. Do you wish him alive or dead?" She asked picking up the discarded disruptor and within moments it began to Borgify.

Rory pulled a face at the Borg. "Alive. We don't kill people in Starfleet, not if we can help it," he replied, glancing at the disruptor. "Make sure you don't punch more holes in my consoles."

"Any damage caused by my tubules would be repaired by my nanites before they shutdown." La Forge said looking at the Chief Engineer. "I'll hunt this last one down and you ascertain the ship's condition." She stated before heading for the door.

"That works," Rory nodded, his mind already going over the thousand things he had to check and probably fix to get this ship fully functional again.

La Forge nodded as she head out the door. She tilted her head this way and that way listening for her prey.


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