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  • Where Do I Fit In? »
    Here is a list of ways that you can bring your character aboard, from the standard to the unusual.
  • Timeline & Divergence »
    The USS Minerva exists on an alternate timeline. This discusses which parts are the same and where it starts to differ.

Where Do I Fit In?

Created by Captain Cecilia Rau on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 3:41am

The USS Minerva is a Starfleet ship guarding one of the civilian ships en route to a new home many years away and under very trying circumstances.

  1. 1. Your character is Starfleet. They are a long-time veteran of the war, beginning their Starfleet career prior to the war or early on.
  2. 2. Your character was one of the academy graduates rushed through classes and commissioned early to get out into the fight; you've seen limited engagements, or even ended up posted on a ship prior to surrender. You're new and barely-trained, getting "on the job" training now.
  3. 3. You were a civilian and have been pressed into service (volunteering or "encouraged" to) as a sort of civilian contractor. Some will have field ranks, depending on their job, and some will simply be civilian advisors. Discuss this with the CO.

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